One-Half Of Indus Sher Comments On WWE Release

Apr 20, 2024 - by Matt Boone

One-half of the Indus Sher duo that were released by WWE has broken their silence.

On Saturday, Sanga of the Indus Sher duo that included Veer and manager Jinder Mahal, both of whom were also among the five cuts made by WWE on Friday evening, surfaced on social media to comment on the situation.

“There is a little pain in my heart,” he wrote via X. “When is comes to viewership, you want viewership from our country India. Viewership on Facebook is needed from India.”

He continued, “Viewership on YouTube is needed from India. Viewership on TV is needed from India, but when it comes to talent of India, they are not taking you forward. Whatever you are thinking, it is okay, creatives have their own way of working, but you should understand that we are saddened by the fact that our 1.4 billion people, like you, people like us, they want that their country India should have athletes who work at the international level, but you are not ready to give opportunities.”

Xyon Quinn and Xia Li were the other two releases made by WWE on Friday.

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