Young Bucks believe Jungle Boy needed controversy to become a breakout star

Apr 18, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

The Young Bucks Believe Jungle Boy Needed Controversy To Become A Breakout Star

The Bucks also believe that Perry has a new attitude following his stint in NJPW and his appearance at Windy City Riot.
Matt and Nick Jackson spoke to Sports Illustrated about Perry and their decision to air the footage from All In Wembley. They believe Perry is set to reach a new level in popularity, and following the events since All In, he’s set to capitalize on his newfound popularity. “Jack Perry was one of my original AEW hires,” said Matt Jackson. “He reminds me a lot of me and Nicholas at his age.”

Regarding his current run as the “Scapegoat”, Matt said, “Coming back from Japan, Jack Perry now has that edge and swagger. And coming off all of this BS he’s been dealing with, he has a chip on his shoulder. He’s a dangerous cat right now and is about to blow up.”

When asked if they regret airing the infamous backstage footage, they both said, “Since we are wrestling FTR at Dynasty, and with it being the first time doing that since All In London, so many feelings and thoughts came rushing back… Old wounds were reopened. We decided it was only fair to be transparent and honest with our fans. We needed to give them context about why we feel we came up short at All In London. Our bodies were there in the ring wrestling FTR at Wembley, but our minds were in the back with the scapegoat in the entire situation, Jack Perry.”

Source: Sports Illustrated

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  1. John says:

    Well, that’s what you get when you get a couple of nobody kids who bullsh-tted Sadam Hussain that they could run their own organization. What the hell did people people expect? Giving away a half an arena of tickets just so, at least they think, it looks good on t.v ……then what? A roster full of unproven indy nobodies and Vinces old worn out has beens that weren’t making any money and were health risks to boot. Great job guys!! Why the hell do you think Eric Bischoff laughs his as$ of at these idiots?

  2. Eryk says:

    Careful Johnny, you’re stupidity is showing. Indie wrestlers are just as good as those signed to a major company.

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