Rousey says Logan Paul receiving WWE’s ‘special treatment’

Apr 17, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Ronda Rousey called out the WWE for giving Logan Paul ‘special treatment’

“He’s great on the mic. He does a great job on the mic. / wish / was allowed the time to rehearse that he gets. It’s not evenly spread.

He’s like their next big star. They are rolling out the red carpet. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things.

It’s frustrating that everybody doesn’t get that treatment. My first match with them was incredible because we had six weeks to rehearse, all the best minds in the business coming and putting in their two cents and it was an instant classic. Then, they never did it again. I was like, ‘Why isn’t this the model?’ They’re doing that with Logan Paul and he’s having these fantastic performances.

Look what you guys can do when you actually put organization and effort into things. It blows my mind that this billion dollar company is succeeding in spite itself in so many ways.”

(via Steve O’s Wild Ride)

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  1. Give Me a Break says:

    Ronda was pretty much pushed to the moon from the start. I’m not a Logan Paul fan, but the dude bought a ring for his house for training. He’s also more naturally charismatic than Ronda. Ronda is a charisma black hole. If she put as much time and effort into training and working on her mic skills as compared to expecting everything being handed to her, then maybe she would have been liked more. Says a lot about someone when they start hating on the fans and threatening to quit when they aren’t immediately liked. People saw through the fact that she expected to be loved based on her prior fame. Sorry, but a lot of wrestling fans actually like when the wrestlers or celebrities actually put time and effort in and actually love and respect the business.

  2. Richie says:

    Logan Paul is having these fantastic performances because he’s just a natural at this. Ronda just wasn’t very good. Simple. Should she been booked better? Sure but the fault doesn’t lie 100% with WWE. She wasnt good. I don’t feel like they are over rehearsing with Logan. He’s just naturally that charismatic.

  3. USA #0 says:

    We all know she wasn’t that good and that YouTube primadonna is naturally charismatic AND good in the ring. But Ronda still has a point. Logan Paul gets special treatment, he still does this part time and barely defends the US Title. A champion actually performs. Part timers should be kept away from titles. PERIOD!
    Logan might be amazing in the ring but after all these scandals he caused, people in WWE were fired for much less. That’s why Ronda is right in that point.
    Logan can go back to YouTube and insult japanese culture or continue his crypto scam.

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