Rossy Ogawa on a potential relationship with WWE

Apr 17, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Rossy Ogawa on Marigold’s potential relationship with WWE : “Maybe it will become a (WWE) ranch.”

“(WWE) has been very good to me. I think they’re buying into what I’ve been doing to raise Iyo, Kairi, and Julia. Relationship with WWE? I think there will be some kind of announcement from the other side in the future.”

The Wrestling Observer reports Rossy and Giulia were in town during Wrestlemania weekend to potentially set up a working relationship between WWE and MARIGOLD.

While it’s also believed Giulia’s time will be split between NXT and Marigold, the previously reported expected WWE in ring debut for Giulia at NXT Heatwave must be seen as a tentative date because Giulia is still setting up her VISA and unpredictable obstacles can pop up.

source: ComicBook Clique

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