Khan comments on the decision to air the Punk/Perry footage

Apr 9, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Talking to Sports Illustrated, Tony Khan commented on the decision to air AEW All In backstage footage on this week’s Dynamite show, claiming that the footage is real:

“AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise, and it is real footage. The Young Bucks will show backstage footage from All In, the most important event in AEW history–the world record-holder for the most tickets ever sold for any wrestling record, over 81,035 total–and it was an important night backstage, as well.

“The decision is based on putting on the best show for AEW, as well as driving interest for Dynamite and our Dynasty pay-per-view on April 21,” said Khan. “This is real-life footage that affected many people, and it will air for the first time on TBS during Dynamite.”

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  1. Motorhead says:

    WHY?! So it’s real footage. Who cares? TK can’t give one real answer as to why NOW is the time to air it and what TK thinks it’s going to do for the AEW. This is a very dumb thing to do. Especially coming from the guy who has made a mission statement out of avoiding the same mistakes WCW made. The reality is the “war” is over. After this past weekend AEW is simply looking for a place to fall. And the sad fact is that they’ve done it to themselves. This All In footage is just the cherry on top of the sundae of terrible financial decisions and rotten booking. I had hope for AEW once upon a time, I really did. Oh well… Maybe somebody will buy it from TK and actually try to do a real promotion. A fan can dream…

  2. Luke says:

    “AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise”
    Gotta love Tony the Tiger. It’s like he’s living in a different dimension…

  3. popsicle says:

    That was the worst, most robotic non answer of all time. I’m really disliking him more and more as the showrunner and as a public persona. He should stop and breath some times and maybe figure out what the f–k he’s really doing and WHYYYY.

  4. Kony Than says:

    Another nail in the coffin for AEW

  5. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    So I’m guess some of you weren’t around for the Monday Night Wars? Don’t remember the Nacho Man and Scheme Gene? The debut of the Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon? WCW giving away Mankind winning the title? After the Montreal Screw Job, Shawn claiming he was going to “confront” Bret Hart, only to bring out a mini Bret?

    I’m not saying that airing the footage is a good idea, what the pay off is going to be, but let’s not act like this is something new and unheard of before.

  6. Luke says:

    @Disgruntled Jobber
    Who said it’s something new? We’re all saying only that it’s something dumb. Just like each and every one of the ones you listed. But none of them had the company’s owner go on record to say it’s gonna be legit. Now that’s new, but it only makes it even dumber.

  7. art123guy says:

    @Luke–I think Tony made the comment about the footage being legit because everyone on the internet was speculating it was gonna be a Young Bucks’ skit.

  8. Luke says:

    Okay, but now he’s painted himself into a corner. What’s he gonna show us, selfies of how scared he was for his life?

  9. art123guy says:

    @Luke–Dunno. I was defending him saying it’s legit, not the fact he’s airing it. Woulda made more sense to air it after the incident, then stating that’s why he had to fire Punk.

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