AEW to air Punk/Perry backstage security video from All In

Apr 7, 2024 - by Colin Vassallo

To combat CM Punk’s interview from this past Monday and to challenge his version of events from All In, AEW announced that footage from backstage at the show will be aired for the first time this coming Wednesday on Dynamite.

The announcement came on Collision yesterday where it was presented as the Young Bucks will show the footage and discuss it for the first time.

Punk said that he only choked Jack Perry “a little bit” before it was broken up by Samoa Joe and Jerry Lynn and denied the idea that he punched anyone. Tony Khan then said at the time that he feared for his life backstage but it looks like that footage won’t make it, and only the Punk/Perry altercation will be shown.

The Punk interview left a little sting in AEW, with Adam Copeland rallying the troops on Wednesday and several AEW stars taking to social media to say how great the company is.

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  1. steve says:

    Instead of not putting any importance into a what CM Punk said. Baby Khan is blowing it up. Either way I don’t think fan would care that Pink threw punches or not. Umm. It’s a fight what would you expect.
    Now the only loser if the video is edited to make TK like he was about to get killed and the u edited video comes out that is not in real time watch out. Adam Copeland will look like a bigger idiot for standing up for AEW

  2. Luke says:

    You guys realize how stupid you’re gonna look when they actually air whatever it is they’re gonna air? Let’s assume for a moment that Punk is actually 100% in the wrong and Buck #1, Buck #2, and Dylan McKay junior are all angels who have never told a lie or done a misdeed in their lives. Let’s assume that Unca Dave is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about everything Punk-related. If that’s all facts not fiction, do you really believe Tony would have the balls to greenlight anything that confrontational? You can love, hate, or ridicule (my personal choice and the most fun one) the guy, but not even his biggest fans ever claimed he’s got any trace of a set.
    You just got worked…


    My name’s not Dave and I’m not omniscient. I make mistakes in judgement. So let’s say I’m wrong here, Tony’s got a scrotum he could wipe the sweat from his forehead with after an 8-star match on a heavenly ring floating above the Tokyo Dome watched by 47 people, and he actually does air footage incriminating Punk and exposing him as a liar. What the hell would that accomplish other than giving Davey and the Meltzerites something to whack off to?

    Does anyone see an option where Shad’s curly little guy (not that one!) benefits from this in any way?

  3. Bestofbothworlds says:

    No matter how this plays out AEW looks stupid. Punk is stupid for talking about it still, but sadly thats expected as the guy is a man child, you’d expect more out of a business owner trying to push his company forward and rid themselves of the WWE obession

  4. Jake Allen says:

    So, AEW fires Punk, Tony gets to cry about being scared, the Bucks get to dance around the ring like idiots to an empty arena, Jericho gets to bring out Cabana in a main event match where Colt gets to cry like they finally “won” against the evil CM troll, and Meltzer gets to spin “the news” on his heavily biased web shows as if Punk was ruining all of their lives. But then, months later when Punk finally gives his side of what all happened, he gets called the idiot? So, AEW gets to implode (again) and send Edge out to do a “shoot” on their live show talking crap about something he wasn’t around for, the Elite wrestlers all tweet again about Punk being the problem, and now this announcement that they’re going to play the footage from backstage is being made. Who are the idiots, again?

    The utter insanity of AEW and their shills hating on Punk is pathetic. And do people really think that what Tony’s going to allow to be shown from the backstage footage will be real in the slightest? It’s either going to be a heavily edited video that will show nothing, or it’s going to be another stupidly terrible parody video that the Bucks or Jericho or Omega or Tony (or all of them) are going to try and get over as a comedy skit. Punk’s at Wrestlemania. These idiots are at home trying to wash the sand out of their vaginas, lol

  5. Joseph says:

    I’m wondering if maybe this is just some ploy to get people to tune in on Wednesday. They show a video, but it’s some silly skit.

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