Notes on Ethan Page, Bryan Danielson, David Finlay, and Eddie Kingston

Mar 16, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– Bullet Club leader David Finlay has withdrawn from the 2024 NJPW New Japan Cup due to a sudden illness. Finley checked himself into a hospital, after leaving the venue in poor health and has undergone various tests.

– At ROH Supercard of Honor on April 5th, it’ll be Eddie Kingston defending the ROH World Championship against Mark Briscoe. This was supposed to happen last year before Briscoe’s leg injury.

“All Ego” Ethan Page won the Xcite Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan Danielson on if people in WWE wanted AEW to succeed;

“Different people had different takes on it. The same thing whenever there is some kind of challenge or start up happening. You have some people who want them to fail right away. Just to prove whatever it is. ‘There’s only one way to do this’ and that sort of thing. Most of us, most of the wrestlers, wanted AEW to succeed. That’s better for everybody.
“You look at any industry, if there is just one bring on top and there is no competition, that’s not good for talent, that’s not good for people working on the creative side. It’s not good for a lot of people. For a lot of us, we were watching and hoping that it would succeed.
“Little did we know, any of us, four years in, they’d sell 81,000 tickets to Wembley. Everyone was watching it, and everybody had different opinions.”

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