AEW Collision March 17th 2024

Mar 16, 2024 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision
March 17th 2024
Live from: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuiness

AEW Collision kicks of with opening match.

Singles Match
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson Vs Katsuyori Shibata

Tie up in the middle of the ring, greco roman knuckle lock in the middle of the ring, wristlock takedown for a two count, takedown by Shibata, kicks and punches exchanged, Danielson with kicks to Shibata, ankle lock by Danielson, Bow and Arrow by Danielson, elbow stomp by Danielson, arm ringer by Danielson, forearm punch by Shibata, armbar by Danielson on Shibata, Shibata with forearm shots, armbar by Danielson, reversed into a Bow and Arrow, escaped by Shibata into a rollover for a two count. Danielson shoves Shibata in the corner, chops and punches exchanged. Danielson steps on elbow of Shibata. arm drag takedown, Danielson back suplexed onto the floor but Danielson lands on his feet, then Shibata shoves Danielson to the mat.

Shibata with a wristlock and then kicks the arm, Shibata sends Danielson to the outside, Shibata tries to send Danielson into steps but Shibata stops and does a running boot, Danielson sends Shibata into safety rail, running dropkick on Shibata on the outside, back in the ring a shotgun dropkick by Danielson, then another one but Shibata counters and runs at Danielson but Danielson stops and runs at him with kicks, Shibata reverses it and chops to Danielson, running baseball dropkick by Shibata in the corner, snap suplex by Shibata, rear chinlock by Shibata, ankle lock by Danielson reversed by Shibata, discus elbow missed by Danielson, Death Valley Driver by Shibata for a two count,  Shibata with elbows to Danielson, Psycho knee by Danielson but Shibata kicks out, Labelle lock on Shibata, but Shibata gets to the rope to break the hold. Danielson with kicks to chest but Shibata says no and bring it, Shibata sits in the ring and wants more, Danielson with kicks but Shibata sits up and kicks exchanged, Shibata with kicks to Danielson and Danielson sits in the middle of the ring, and then does Shibata and slaps and chops exchanged continually, Danielson with kick takes down Shibata, Psycho knee blocked and chop then pin attempt but Danielson has got foot on rope, and then rollup exchanged and then Danielson with the rollup for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

After the match Bryan Danielson offers his hand and Shibata shakes his hand and they endorse each other and bow to each other.

Women’s Division House Rules Match for AEW TBS Championship – Loser can’t go out with their team in tournament later tonight
Challenger: Trish Adora Vs Champion: Julia Hart

Tie up in the ring,  arm ringer split leg by Adora, Julia sent to the outside, scoop slam by Adora on the outside, Hart sends Adora into barrier, Hart sends Adora into the corner, then a running kick, then puts Adora on the middle rope and runs at her, Hart with chops and slaps to Adora in the corner, Back stretch by Hart, sleeper hold by Hart on Adora, Adora with a punt kick, shoulder breaker by Adora for a two count.

Hart backs Adora into the corner, then a running lariat by Hart, leg trip takedown, Adora with a suplex with bridge but a two, senton splash by Adora missed, Hart climbs to the top rope and nails moonsault for the win.

Winner via Pinfall and still AEW TBS Women’s Champion: Julia Hart

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Zack Knight and he talks about the challenge from Cool Hand Ang and Zack Knight says it will happen but not here in Canada but on my terms.

Singles Match
Daniel Garcia Vs Lee Moriarty

Daniel Garcia with tie up and reversed and leg trip by Moriarty, hammer throw and reversed and kick to the knee, on the outside, Garcia distracted by Shane Taylor behind referees back and dive by Moriarty into Garcia, Moriarty mocks Daniel Garcia by dancing, arm lock by Moriarty, jabs and punches and reversed and kicks to Moriarty in the corner, leg whip by Garcia slaps exchanged, back and forth punches and side takedown, Moriarty tries a rollup but blocked, piledriver attempt by Garcia, double stomp on Garcia, single leg heel hook by Garcia and Moriarty taps.

Winner via Submission Daniel Garcia

Commercial break

Singles Match
“Bastard” PAC Vs Aaron Solo

Tie up in the ring, spinning kick by Solo to Pac, Solo sends Pac to the outside and does a flying roll over the top rope, Solo sends Pac back in the ring for a two count, punt kick to Solo, Pac with a kick to Solo, spin kick to Solo, kick to Solo, Pac climbs to the top rope and nails a shot gun dropkick, running back elbow, Pac climbs to the top rope and nails his Black Arrow moonsault and nails his submission for the win.

Winner via Submission: “Bastard” Pac

After the match, Pac grabs the mic and says the Bastard is back and I am looking for trouble, this isn’t what I had in mind, I am looking for trouble Tony Khan or I willl find it myself.

We see Danielson in meditating pose and I was grateful to wrestle Shibata tonight and we fought like hell, and have a match with Dynasty against Will Ospreay, Will can’t walk in my shoes, and we have been at deaths door and Ospreay hasn’t experienced that, I know what I am willing to do.

Singles Match
Claudio Castagnoli Vs “Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer

Stare down in the middle of the ring, tie up in the ring, side headlock by Archer, shoulder tackle blocked by Archer but doesn’t move, shoulder tackles exchanged, scoop slam on Claudio by Archer, Claudio scoops Archer and drops him down, elbow shot to jaw of Claudio, clotheslines exchanged, pump kick to Archer, Claudio sends Archer to outside and goes for run around but caught by Archer and chokeslam on apron, then kick to Archer, but blocked and rolling cannonball on Claudio to the floor, Archer sends Claudio into security wall, Archer drops Claudio onto ring steps, knee lift by Archer, scoop slam on Claudio, side headlock by Archer.

Archer mocks Claudio, then sleeper hold on Claudio, uppercut by Claudio on Archer, Archer with a side slam takedown on Claudio for a two count, knee to Claudio, Archer goes for DDT but reversed into a vertical suplex, running uppercut in the corner, Archer walks the rope holding Claudio but Claudio pulls him down and then a pin and goes for the Swing, but a stomp and then runs round the ring and does uppercut, Claudio climbs to top rope but rising knee strike, chokeslam on Claudio for a two count. Archer goes for Black Out but Claudio blocks it and and Death Valley Driver by Claudio, corner European uppercuts to Archer, Cutter of the top rope for a two count by Claudio, Claudio goes for Neutralizer but blocked and run into rope and a European uppercut, Claudio goes for Big Swing but The Righteous run in and stop it and they triple team Claudio till Bryan Danielson makes the save but is dropped with the RIghteous driver, Shibata runs in with a chair but Righteous and Archer escape the ring.

No Contest

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Cool Hand Ang and Ruby Soho and Ang says he wants to face Zack Knight but he doesn’t want to and he says he will find him, Ruby says if you do you do it without me, both leave.


Singles Match
Kyle O’Reilly Vs “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith

Tie up in the ring, side headlock by Keith, Arm bar takedown by Keith for a two count, O’Reilly takes down Keith, punches and forearms exchanged, Keith with a takedown, Keith runs at O’Reilly met with a knee, Abdominal Stretch by Keith, reversed but reversed into a kick to the jaw of O’Reilly, standing arm bar, reversed into  DDT by Keith, kick to O’Reilly, side sweep takedown, Keith sends O’Reilly to the outside, chop to O’Reilly and kicks but punt kick by O’Reilly.

Keith sends O’Reilly back in the ring, Keith sends O’Reilly into corner and then a hammer throw takedown, forearm shots exchanged, snap mare takedown, chinlock escape by O’Reilly and knee to Keith and kick to Keith by O’Reilly, knees and kicks and spinning leg sweep takes down Keith, running forearm shot, knee bar by O’Reilly but Keith gets to the rope, guillotine with armbar into a triangle choke, but Keith escapes, Kick to O’Reilly for a two count, double underhook by Keith for a two count, O’Reilly blocks a top rope Blockbuster attempt, kicks and punches exchanged, discus lariat takes down Keith, suplex by O’Reilly on Keith and then a armbar for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Kyle O’Reilly

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Deanna and Thunder Rosa about their match on Dynamite against Storm and Mariah May.

Commercial break

Wildcard Qualification Tag Team Match – Winners advance in tournament to crown New AEW World Tag Team Champions
The House of Black – Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews w/Julia Hart Vs The Infantry – Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean

Before the bell rings, House of Black attack Bravo and Dean, King chops Bravo on the outside, running boot and crossbody on Bravo and Dean,  Match officially starts and a running Senton on Carlie Bravo but Dean comes in to break it,  Dean tossed into the corner, House of Black in control and keep Dean in their corner, Matthews with a kick to Bravo, then a gomigiri kick, then Bravo tagged in, pele kick by Bravo on Matthews.

King tagged in, but Dean sends King away but a discus lariat takes down Bravo, shining wizard knee to Bravo, Dantes Inferno driver on Shawn Dean for a two till the save from Carlie Bravo, Dean low bridge sends King to the outside, then a powerbomb on Bravo on the announce table then  a piledriver on Bravo on the announce table, then a punt kick to Carlie Bravo by Matthews for a two count, Matthews climbs to the top rope but Mark Briscoe runs in and distracts Buddy Matthews and then Buddy King chases after Briscoe then Dean with a suplex for the shocking win.

Winners via Pinfall The Infantry – Carlie Bravo and Shawn Dean

After the match Malakai Black comes down and doesn’t look happy as Mark Briscoe looks on.

We see a video package leading to I Quit Match on Dynamite.

“Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland makes his way the to the ring with his box. Adam says last time I was here I wasn’t sure I would wrestle again, this arena brings back memories, Toronto is my hometown, I am facing someone who I thought was my best friend, So Christian Cage your ego is out of control, this sport cemented our friendship, we talked about chasing our dreams and crushing them, then I fast forward now and you were on board to end my career and retire with you, and don’t care what Nigel McGuiness thinks, Worlds End I failed, always walk forward, earn my title shot and earned it, you took me out with a move we created the conchairto, I got a phone call from someone to remind me who I am, and I created, Spike, and it is hungry to bite your ass thanks to Mick Foley and had dark days in my head, be thankful after this, Spike and I will change you and you will end in hospital, and I will make you say something so you can’t speak to your daughter and those two words are I Quit, it ends in our hometown.

Collision ends.

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