Danielson on AEW gaining fans, Benjamin on possibly joining AEW

Mar 12, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Bryan Danielson on what AEW can do to gain new fans:

“If you look at Dynamite and look at where can we make improvements to gain an audience here or to touch people to a different level. The idea is you can’t make big changes because Dynamite is already successful.”

(via SXSW)

Shelton Benjamin on possibly wrestling in AEW:

“As far as AEW goes, that door’s open. My door is open.

Honestly, Okada, while I’ve worked alongside him in New Japan, we never actually had a match, so I would love to work with Okada. Obviously, I would love to work with Will Ospreay because I think that guy’s phenomenal.”

(via Monopoly Events)

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