Mercedes Monè talks on how proud she is of Bayley

Mar 7, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Mercedes Monè (via the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast) talks on how proud she is of Bayley and says she thinks she should Main Event WrestleMania:

“I am nothing but so proud and so happy for her. And to be the person from afar, I get to see her from afar I get to see her do all this and see all her hard work, and hear her talk about her dreams and her hopes and what she wants to do in that business, and to see it come through and to see so much magic that woman can make.

She does so much for that division and I’m just beyond proud to know, to me, that she is going to Main event WrestleMania, because that’s how it should be.

I am just beyond the moon for her, shes had a crazy past three years coming from the pandemic, getting injured, seeing her go through that.”

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