QT Marshall on CM Punk: “I always liked him backstage”

Mar 5, 2024 - by James Walsh

In late 2023, there were reports that QT Marshall was supposed to work backstage an on-screen for AEW Collision but CM Punk nixed it. While speaking to Sportskeeda.com, Marshall addressed the reports…

“I always liked him backstage. I know there were reports that he kept me off of TV, and we actually talked about it. We agreed. Neither of us wanted me to be Will Hobbs’ manager. Then I also had to work Saturdays and Wednesdays. So when him and I spoke about the idea that he didn’t want me with Will Hobbs, I was like yeah, let’s sign me up for that one because I’d rather only work on Wednesdays.”

Marshall also said the following about Punk returning to WWE…

“I don’t think he got to finish his story, even at AEW. That’s become the term now, the phrase, ‘Finish the story.’ I think being in AEW, it kind of gave him his confidence, to know that the people were still there for him and he could still do it. Why not? If you’re gonna do it, and you can’t do it at AEW anymore for whatever the reasons were, go back to WWE, if willing to give him a chance. I always liked him backstage. But I didn’t think it was gonna be out of the realm that he would go back. The WWE has so people that have done negative stuff and then come back. I don’t think he really did anything negative. He just walked away, that was it. Yeah, he did his interview that they had a lawsuit about. But other than that, it’s like Cody. When Cody left WWE, he was a true professional. He’s been a true professional about leaving AEW, and I try to follow in their footsteps. It’s why I’ve never done any public interviews. You have to be a [gentleman] because the wrestling part is just a little bit of what we do.”

(quotes: Colin Tessier)

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