Darby Allin seemingly takes a shot at WWE in recent interview

Mar 4, 2024 - by James Walsh

During an interview with SHAK Wrestling, Darby Allin discussed Sting’s retirement at AEW Revolution 2024 and how Sting is going out on his own terms. Allin seemingly took a shot at WWE and Kurt Angle when he said the following…

“There’s a lot of places that will straight up be like, ‘all right you’re retiring but we’re gonna make sure that you wrestle this guy’ and it could be a guy you have no interest in wrestling. Then the fact that you have to tuck your tail between your legs and be a nice little good boy and get a paycheck and wrestle somebody that you have no desire to wrestle. We’re talking about your career life’s work, it’s baffling to me that people are such little bitches.”

Angle had his retirement match at Wrestlemania 35 in 2019 against Baron Corbin. In 2023, former WWE writer Dave Schilling brought up Angle vs. Corbin on Twitter/X and wrote “when it was mentioned in a production meeting that the fans hated the idea of this match, Vince [McMahon] laughed so hard and said ‘f*ck em.’”

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet in 2023, Angle commented on what he proposed…

“I asked Vince, ‘Hey, can I have John Cena? ‘Because I started his career. I think it’d be proper if he ended my career.’ And Vince said, ‘No, you have Baron Corbin. You’ve been doing a program with him for six months. You have to continue.’”

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