TNA, IMPACT Report, 2/29/24

Feb 29, 2024 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for ongoing results from the latest episode from TNA, IMPACT.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call.

Match 1.  Steve Maclin (with The Rascalz) VS Mike Bailey (with Trent Seven)

Nick Nemeth is absent from ringside backing Bailey.  Maclin and Bailey end up brawling ringside to start off and nearly get counted out.  Back in the ring, Maclin delivers a few stiff kicks and a nasty forearm.  After locking Bailey in the tree of woe, Bailey avoids a running shoulder, which injures Maclin.  He tumbles to the floor.  Maclin is also nursing a bad leg.  Maclin moonsaults on Maclin on the floor.  The two end up on the apron and start trading chops.  Bailey sweeps the leg, but misses a standing moonsault, double knee.  Maclin then spears him to the floor.  Maclin misses a diving headbutt once they were back in the ring.  The Rascalz interfere.  Bailey hits the mayhem for all for a two count.  Maclin then buckle-bombs Bailey.  Bailey then spikes Maclin with a reverse ranna.  He misses the ultimate weapon.  KIA by Maclin and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Steve Maclin

Maclin cuts a promo on the absent Nick Nemeth.  He says he is bailing on TNA.  Nemeth then appears on the tron, holding the IWGP Global Championship.  He challenges Maclin at Sacrifice. 

We see Frankie Kazarian getting suspended for attacking the referee at No Surrender.  Frankie tells Gia Miller  to ask Santino Marella if this really is the right thing to do.  (Implying this may not end well)  He is suspended for the next two weeks.

Match 2.  Jake Something VS Laredo Kid

Kid rannas Jake to the floor, but gets caught by Jake when he dove to the floor.  Jake delivers a sit out powerbomb.  Back in the ring, Jake clubs Kid.  Kid moonsaults Jake and DDTs him.  He then moonsaults him again.  Jake kicks out at two.  Jake lands into the void and it is over just like that.

Winner by pinfall, Jake Something

Alan Angels interviews Kon in this weeks Sound Check.

Angels tells Kon he is proud of him for leaving The Design.   Kon doesn’t appreciate his being proud of him.  The lights flash and PCO shows up.  Angels tells PCO to leave, PCO throws him aside and Kon and PCO brawl until the segment ends.

Match 3.  Rich Swann and Joe Hendry VS AJ Francis and Deaner

Hendry enters last and grabs the mic.  He says tonight is AJ’s in ring debut.  He says his friends and family are all eating cheese its.  He asks the fans to not chant AJ sucks.  The chant AJ sucks and then follow up with a We Believe chant.  AJ cheap shots Hendry from the apron pre match.  Swann and Deaner start the match.  Swann delivers a series of kicks, which spill Deaner to the floor.  AJ blocks Swann from diving to the floor.  Deaner sneaks behind Swann and throws him on the floor.  Hendry stops Deaner from diving to the floor.  Swann then sneaks up on Deaner, allowing Hendry to join him in a double team.  Swann delivers a few kicks, but then gets whipped hard to the corner.  Deaner pulls his hair and throws a few punches.  Hendry tags in and chops Deaner.  He then delivers a stalled suplex, while doing squats.  He then punches AJ off the apron.  Deaner attacks Hendry from behind and AJ tags in.  He hurls Hendry into his corner.  AJ then chokes Joe on the middle rope.  Hendry dropkicks AJ, but Francis drives a knee to his back.  Hendry revers a atomic drop into a DDT.  Swann tags in and so does Deaner.  Swann comes in hot and lands a series of kicks.  He gets a two count on a splash.  AJ breaks it up.  Swann slaps him in return.  Francis spills to the floor.  Swann dives on him.  He then hits a handspring cutter.  Hendry hits s standing ovation and it is over.

Winners by pinfall, Joe Hendry and Rich Swann

We get a Decay vignette next.  They cut an satanic promo on Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich.

Alex Hammerstone is announced as an official signing of TNA.

Josh Alexander is interviewed by Gia.  He is going to face Hammerstone.  Dirty Dango and his crew show up to talk about his new school.  Josh loses it and challenges Dango to a match.

Up next we get a in ring segment with The Good Hands celebrating with the New X Division Champion, Mustafa Ali.  This is set up to be like Ali won the presidency.  Everyone is in suits and flags are draped all over the ring.  Ali starts saying change happened and he says everyone believed in him.  Sabin comes out and says talk to him like a man.  Ali and Sabin go at it verbally.  Ali has a decent amount of support.  Sabin loses it and lays out Ali.  The Good Hands attack Sabin.  Kushida and Kevin Knight come out to make the save.  They destroy the set for Ali to end the segment.

Ash by Elegance is introduced to the arena.  She comes out to make an announcement.  She says she is going to have her second match.  You’re welcome.   She then walks off.

Ali is shown backstage yelling at his cabinet and the Good Hands.  He then turns to the mic and says actions have consequences.

Match 4.  Tasha Steelz VS Zia Brookside (The winner gets a Knockouts Championship Match)

This is a rubber match between these two.  Each have earned one victory.  The two feel each other out.  Steelz starts quick, Zia delivers a dropkicks and crossbody for a 1 count.  Steelz counters with a headbutt.  She then works Brookside over in the corner.  Brookside double knees Tasha after a ranna.  She follows with a kick to the face twice.  She then baseball slides Steelz on the floor with a knee to the face.  They brawl on the floor.  They get counted out.

Double Count Out

Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace enters.  Grace says we will make this easy for everyone.  She says they will have a triple threat at Sacrifice.  

Rhino cuts a backstage promo on his title match with Crazzy Steve for the Digital Media Championship.  They will meet at Sacrifice.

Match 5.  The System, Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and World Champion, Moose (with Alisha Edwards) VS Eric Young and World Tag Team Champions, The ABC, Chris Bey and Ace Austin

EY and Moose will go at it at Sacrifice and Moose teases them starting the match tonight, but he bails.  EY and Myers start.  EY manhandles Myers, allowing the ABC to tag in and double team Brian.  Myers gets free and Eddie tags in.  He also gets doubled by the champs.  They hit a click click boom on him.  EY tags back in and he taunts Moose, while twisting Eddie’s arm.  The tag champs tag back in and the ref allows the double teaming to continue.  Eddie delivers a big chop finally on Bey.  He is able to tag in Moose.  He pounds on, chops and boots Bey.  Myers tags in and works the arm before tagging in Eddie.  He keeps the match in their corner and they work over Bey.  This goes on for a while.  Bey finally tags in Ace and they double Myers.  He spills to the floor.  Ace follows and gets jumped by Moose and Eddie.  Eddie throws Ace back in the ring for a recovered, Brian Myers.  Myers drives a high knee to the side of the head.  Eddie tags in and lays in the boots to Ace who is laying for dead.  Eddie throws Ace to the bottom rope.  Alisha chokes him on the ropes.  Moose and Eddie beat on Ace for a bit back in the ring.  The match has slowed down.  Myers tags back in and whips Ace to the buckle violently.  The System keep Ace in their corner and they triple team him repeatedly.

Ace finally kicks Moose and makes the tag, but the ref missed it.  Ace is then drug back to the Systems corner.  Myers locks in a front face lock on the mat.  Ace gets to his feet, but Myers knees him in the face.  Ace trips Myers.  He then finally tags in EY.  Eddie tags in too.  EY lariats him and then hits a cutter.  He then fireman’s Myers on Eddie.  He sets up Eddie for a piledriver, but he blocks it.  The two trade blows mid ring.  EY looks much fresher.  Eddie rakes the eyes.  They both tag out to Bey and Moose.  Moose gets crotched on the top rope.  Bey kicks him in the face.  They end up on the floor.  Moose powerbombs him on the apron.  EY dives to the floor on Myers.  Ace punts Moose from the apron.  Back in the ring, Bey Moose tries for a powerbomb on Bey, but Ace makes the save.  Art of Finesse  and the fold on Moose.  Eddie makes the save.  Myers takes out EY and Ace.  Ace wizard kicks Myers.  Moose pump kicks Ace.  Eddie  and Moose double Bey with a backpack stunner and a Myers top rope elbow drop.  It is over.

Winners, The System.

They stand tall to end the show.

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