Kevin Nash critical of a WWE superstar’s ring entrance, CMLL wrestlers facing visa issues

Feb 29, 2024 - by James Walsh

– During a recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on Cody Rhodes’ ring entrance, specifically criticizing Rhodes for lacking aggression as he approaches the ring. Nash, a WWE Hall of Famer, used explicit language to emphasize his point about Rhodes’ demeanor.

Highlights from Nash’s podcast include:

Regarding Cody Rhodes’ casual approach to the ring: “You can’t fing walk down the fing ring with the fing like — Dude! Either you’re selling toothpaste, or are you gonna fight somebody? But that’s not a fing warrior face. Because most of us, even though we’re fing 64 years old, we still want to fing extend the fing belief that we are fing not watching pro wrestling, that we’re watching a real deal and if you can do that, you’re f***ing really good.”

Nash’s advice for Rhodes was pointedly blunt: “So, please try to fing do that and I’ll grade you on your future endeavors… Walk to the ring like the fing dude that’s in the ring, you fing just watched a video of him fing your wife on the kitchen counter where you make your coffee in the morning.”

PWInsider reports that US work visas for nearly 20 CMLL stars in Mexico are in the process of being canceled by the United States government. Once that happens, it could take months for new visas to go through the approval process and be issued.

19 luchadors including Volador Jr., Hechicero and Mascara Dorada as well as Blue Panther, Dulce Gardenia, El Sagrado, El Suicida, Electrico, Espiritu Negro, Euforia, Fugaz, Gemelo Diablo 1 and 2, Magico, Robin, Sangre Imperial, Soberano, Templario, and referee Sagaz are expected to be impacted and unable to perform in the United States.

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  1. Really? says:

    1. Nash either needs to remember the difference between a face and a heel or realize that different people have different personalities & ways of showing them. That or just “fing” calm down.

    2. Just have the CMLL guys show up at Eagle Pass. No visa, no problem. That’s how it works for the people who just show up unvetted without going through any of the legalities, so it must be just as easy for the people actually trying to do things the right way, right? Right?

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