Orton says he was “definitely not ready” to be world champion in ’04

Feb 26, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Randy Orton says he was “definitely not ready” to be world champion in 2004

“This was the culmination of all this hard work. I knew my father and my grandfather would be watching me, proud of me. I believe Stephanie McMahon gave me her cell phone. She was like ‘Call your dad. Call your grandpa. Talk to them.’ And I’m so glad that she did. My grandpa, he was only around for a few years after so just hearing his voice, hearing how proud he was of me, you know, that’s a conversation I will never forget. Same with my father, I called him next. I’d never heard my old man get choked up. Like, he’s old school to the bone. But he was choked up on the phone that night. So it was a special night.”

“It’s hard to describe the feeling of the responsibility, the amount of awesomeness that comes with holding that belt. I had the title but I didn’t have the maturity. I definitely was not ready. I’m really just sitting on top of the world. I’m making a lot of money for someone my age and I’m living the dream. And I am a cocky son of a b**ch.”

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