Notes on Arn Anderson and Kazuchika Okada

Feb 26, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on various topics on his latest ARN show.

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer talked about promo advice:

“My biggest piece of advice in short form would be just this, talk to your audience, not to them. And they will understand you much much better. If they feel like you’re screaming at them. It’s not; it’s a turn-off. But if they feel like you’re talking to them, and you give them something in everyday life, they can compare what you’re trying to the point you’re trying to get across, then they go Oh, yeah, I get that. Example. Everybody knows you’ve been walking down the street, you know, with your girlfriend or wife or playing grab-ass or whatever and not paying attention. When you step off a curb and roll your ankle. Everybody sells it the same way. You sit right on your ass, you pull that foot up to you, and you go, Don’t touch it. Sorry. There are just some things that we inherently, as human beings, understand. Right? Yeah. If you get hit in the nose, what is the first thing that happens? bleeds are not your eyes start to water, eyes, water up, squint,”

Kazuchika Okada comments on coming back to NJPW to Tokyo Sports:

“I’m already looking ahead to what’s next, and I’m leaving with the intention of never coming back to New Japan. I’m a little sorry about that.

Naito is older than me, but I told him to lead properly. I’m not that worried, but I really want him to lead the way. Not just for the customers, but for the wrestlers.”

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