Shotzi confirms ACL tear

Feb 20, 2024 - by Colin Vassallo

Shotzi suffered a torn ACL during her NXT Women’s title match against Lyra Valkyria, a match which aired yesterday on NXT on USA Network.

The match was stopped after Shotzi performed a DDT from the apron and landed badly and was not able to continue. Eventually, the people in charge backstage scrambled quickly and sent NXT GM Ava out to announce an open challenge instead, a challenge which was accepted by Lash Legend.

“I tore my ACL which means I will be out of action for about 9 months. Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me. I am so sorry if I haven’t responded,” Shotzi wrote in a social media post.

“I am just extremely devastated and angry. Some of you know, I have been through a lot the last few years and it has been so hard to keep up with what I think is expected of me and honestly my mental health had been at an all time low. But I’ve pushed through and I was feeling motivated and like myself again,” Shotzi continued.

She said she was hoping to go to NXT to prove herself again, earn some respect, build back her confidence and start putting the heartache from the past two years behind her but it was not meant to be.

“I feel defeated right now but I’m simultaneously feeling the most motivated I have ever been. I have been through way worse. I’ve watched my sister, who is fighting cancer, fight tougher battles. I’m just taking this as a sign to slow down. I didn’t take time off when both my stepdad and my dad passed and that really affected me. Now I am looking forward to coming back not just physically stronger, but mentally also,” Shotzi wrote.

The WWE star was in Birmingham, Alabama to undergo surgery at the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center last week.

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