Is WWE Betting Easier to Make Money On Compared to Other Sports?

Feb 19, 2024 - by staff

As a habitual sports bettor, I’m always looking for edges to exploit at sportsbooks. And one betting market keeps sticking out as potentially softer than highly-efficient mainstream leagues – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Intuitively it makes some sense. Outcomes in pro wrestling have scripted elements, whereas major sports leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLS involve utterly unpredictable dynamics between world-class athletes. But before declaring WWE wagering a supremely beatable novelty, I had to dig deeper into key questions around profitability compared to traditional sports.

Let’s get you all set up and ready first.

How to Easily Bet WWE from Your Mobile – Step by Step

Thanks to legalized sports betting continuing to expand in the US, wagering on entertainment properties like WWE gets easier every year from the convenience of your mobile or tablet. Here is a straightforward breakdown to get started:

Step 1 – Select a Reputable Wrestling Betting Site

Plenty of mobile online casino sites now offer professional wrestling betting, but beware lesser known brands with poor interfaces or predatory terms. Stick with major regulated names like FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM for the best experience.

Step 2 – Fund Your Account

One huge mobile benefit involves faster ways to fund accounts instantly. Major sites integrate with Apple/Google Pay, online banking and debit cards to credit deposits in minutes instead of waiting on checks. Just know the minimum and maximum funding levels.

Step 3 – Navigate to Pro Wrestling Section

Easy to overlook, but sometimes WWE wagers get buried under niche tabs like politics or entertainment rather than the mainstream sportspage carousels. If having trouble finding upcoming matches, use site search features to pull up WWE filters.

Step 4 – Scan Various Bet Types

Moneyline picks make up just one slice of the wrestling betting pie these days. Also consider handicapping match times, predicting outlier events or speculating on various props around interviews, betrayals, wardrobe malfunctions and so on.

Step 5 – Lock in Your Bet and Watch It Unfold

With all the research done and best value wagers identified across multiple sportsbooks, the last step involves confirming bet receipt and then enjoying the live show unfold! ironic enough, mobile betting on a product designed for mobile consumption has never been more convenient.

And there you have it – in just a few taps you can have action down on all the staged grappling mayhem WWE broadcasts every week. So take advantage of speedy deposit options, niche market shortcuts and robust prop derivatives to enhance your entertainment experience even further via mobile sports wagering!

How Efficient is the WWE Betting Market?

You might assume it’s easy money betting wresting since winners and losers are determined ahead of time. However, thanks to rampant leaks and dirt sheets, the betting public also has insider information on feuds and planned finishes. This makes it difficult for oddsmakers to balance WWE lines properly.

I compared moneyline odds across drafts for this year’s Wrestlemania headliner between Roman Reigns and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. A week out, Lesnar was a moderate favorite at -160, Reigns the underdog at +130. But late word of Reigns inking an extended contract saw his odds bet downmassively to -1200 at some shops. This exemplifies how narrative-driven pro wrestling markets operate based on backstage rumors.

What Factors Influence WWE Betting Lines?

WWE wagering today largely functions as a pseudo-entertainment market. Much less handicapping athleticism or analyzing team matchups as with mainstream sports. Instead bettors wade through gossip rags, wrestling podcasts and subreddit tea leaves mining for hints at big picture booking plans.

A shocking heel or face turn can also throw off the betting board if significant enough. Look no further than Vince McMahon announcing himself as Roman Reign’s next Wrestlemania opponent out of nowhere. Such bombshell events get quickly assimilated by oddsmakers just like late injury news or trades do for NBA and NHL franchises.

How Profitable is Betting Favorites vs Underdogs?

Based on historical results, while WWE favorites cover the spread just shy of 60% over the past 5 years, underdogs have hit at an astonishing 46% clip dating back a decade. Compare that to NBA and NHL underdogs beating the odds just 36-38% long term and you can see why contrarian wagering has major profit potential with WWE.

The key lies in identifying when widely-hyped “sure things” align too closely with the proposed storyline weeks out. Recent examples include Roman Reigns entering elimination chambers and Rousey riding early undefeated streaks. By targeting their underdog opponents, +200 to +400 dogs have come through fairly reliably throughout modern WWE betting history.

How Do Results Differ Between Shows Like Raw vs Premium Events?

Thanks to better buildup and advanced promotion, betting lines tend to be pricier but slightly more efficient around premium events such as Wrestlemania and Summerslam. With all eyes on these main PPV stage shows to advance new feuds and plotlines meaningfully, favorites have historically delivered at roughly a 70% cover rate past 36 months.

Weekly episodic events like Raw and Smackdown offer many more accessible betting windows by contrast, but see much more interference by current WWE ownership in outcomes. While great for exploiting live dog opportunities or prop bets, Raw betting results fall nearly coinflip since 2020 – with favorites and dogs each cashing just above 40% lately from my tracking data.

What’s the Most Profitable Bet Type for WWE Events?

Handicapping match results provides a reasonable edge, but betting segment over/unders, prop bets and other derivatives open up wider margins. Think novelty wagers like “which authority figure gets betrayed first?” or betting the under for combo main event match lengths.
I’ve had particular success exploiting positional player prop bets, such as fading part-timers like Brock Lesnar for both “first wrestler to bleed” and “fewer than 12 total minutes wrestled” the past two Wrestlemanias against full-time performers. Between cross-match and cross-event prop correlative strategies, skilled WWE bettors can carve out +EV around many soft offshoots of inactive traditional sports markets.

Key Takeaways: WWE Betting vs Mainstream Sports

While less efficient than high-volume professional team sports, WWE betting markets prove historically beatable by tracking backstage rumors to identify and attack mispriced outcomes. Fading publicly-known favorite builds around premium events offers contrarian value, along with betting underdogs during weekly broadcasts.

But nothing tilts probabilities more than sudden script shifts mid-feud resulting in temporarily blown lines and longer-term ripple effects. Ultimately exploiting these “insider” informational edges allows savvy pro wrestling bettors to beat oddsmakers who can’t balance narrative-driven entertainment as dynamically.

So does focusing on WWE offer easier profits over mainstream sport leagues? I believe so based on uniqueness of the scripted product, quicker oddsmaker reactions to drama and expanded prop betting derivatives. Just don’t expect anything fully immune to public betting influences either thanks to dirtsheet gossip acceleration. But for shoppers willing to move limits, plenty of +EV bets exist waiting to get smacked down week to week!

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