AEW Collision February 10th 2024

Feb 10, 2024 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision
February 10th 2024
Live From: Henderson, Nevada

Match 1: Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club – Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli Vs CMLL – Star Jr and Esfinge

Star and Moxley start the match, Jr with a side headlock, Mox with a takedown, leg takedown by Star, Bow and Arrow by Star on Moxley, fly punch by Star, pele head kick to Moxley, thrust kick to Moxley, Esfinge with a tope but stops, Castagnoli tagged in, Giant Swing on Esfinge., Moxley tagged in and punches in the corner to Esfinge, Claudio tagged in and try double team but stopped and then Star Jr tagged in, open hand slap to Claudio, Star walks the ropes and takes down both BCC members, Star with chops to Claudio.

European forearm by Claudio on Star Jr, double stomp on Star Jr, Mox tagged in, Mox puts Star on top rope and scratches Star, Claudio tagged in, Hammerlock on Star Jr, Claudio with a short clothesline to Star Jr, tieras head scissor on Claudio by Star Jr, Esfinge tagged in and gomigiri to Moxley, monkey flip takeover on Mox then on Claudio in the opposite corner, Indian Deathlock by Esfinge but stopped by Claudio, running lariat, rolling torneo through the rope onto Claudio, decapitate lariat by Moxley on Esfinge, then a takedown for a two count. Esfinge and Mox exchange blows in the ring, kick to knee of Mox followed by rising knee strike, Gorilla Press into Cutter by BCC for a two broken by Star Jr, Esfinge with chops to both Mox and Claudio, Armbar by Moxley on Star Jr and Star Jr taps.

Winner via Pinfall Blackpool Combat Club – Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli

After the match Moxley says anyone wants to step up anywhere can do but they will be stepped on, Music of FTR hits and they come out and stare down BCC, and then Mox punches Dax and fight ensues. Security and referees come down to break them up and then the locker room come out to help break it up.

Commercial break

Match 2: Singles Match
Daniel Garcia Vs Shane Taylor w/Lee Moriarty

Tie up in the ring, Shane Taylor breaks out and goes for a punch but Garcia ducks, tie up in the ring, arm bar by Garcia but Taylor gets to the rope, Taylor with a shoulder block takedown, Taylor dances and then chops Garcia in the corner, Dragon screw leg whip by Garcia into a leg lock but Taylor gets to the rope, Taylor kicks Garcia to the outside, Taylor sends Garcia into the security wall, short clothesline rip chord lariat,

Garcia with chops to Taylor, sitting leg drop on Garcia by Taylor but a two count, headbutt to Garcia by Taylor, apron leg drop missed by Taylor, big boot to Taylor, punches to Taylor, low drop kick by Garcia, running baseball dropkicks to Taylor’s knee, pop up powerbomb by Taylor then a KO punch. Taylor goes for package piledriver but knee gives way, back body drop into a leg drop but Taylor misses leg drop and then a dragon screw leg whip for the win by Daniel Garcia.

Winner via Submission Daniel Garcia

Lexy Nair is with Eddie Kingston and says what Young Bucks did on Dynamite was disgusting as was what Danielson done interrupting Bryan Keith when he was given a contract, Eddie Kingston says he challenges Bryan Danielson to a match at Revolution with the stipulation if Eddie Kingston wins, Danielson must shake his hand.

Match 3: 1 Vs 2 Handicap Match
“Machine” Brian Cage Vs The Outrunners – Trip and Turbo

Cage dominates both and wins a quick match with a tie up Boston crab for the win.

Winner via Pinfall “Machine” Brian Cage

After the match the mascot dances with Prince Nana but Cage attacks the mascot and him and Nana beat him down till Hook music hits and then a brawl ensues on the ramp and the fight continues to the back.

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with The Kingdom and Tomohiro Ishii and Roderick Strong says if you win tonight against Orange Cassidy then you face me in 3 weeks at Revolution.

Commercial break

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces “Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland. Tony says Cope Open is going well, with top contenders and you are #3 in the rankings so can choose to face for International Championship or TNT Championship, Adam says a warning is being sent to Matt and Nick Jackson after what happened on Dynamite. Adam says I am leaning to challenge for the AEW TNT Championship against Christian Cage, music of Daniel Garcia hits and Daniel says you think you deserve a shot because of your wins, and I have been picking wins, and when I beat the Patriarchy last week and maybe I deserve a shot at the AEW TNT Championship, or maybe he does and loses and goes to the back of the line, Adam says FTR helped you win last week, Adam says I have a idea on Dynamite this Wednesday me Vs you and winner faces Christian. They shake hands and Adam holds the hand shake and says you are trying to take food of my families table and I will beat your ass on Dynamite on Wednesday.

Backstage: Renee Paquette is with Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale and Stokely Hatthaway and they Stokely says Kris and Willow are the best women in the decision, Kris says Sky Blue and Julia Hart are friends but don’t want to fight.

Match 4: Singles Match
Brody King w/Julia Hart Vs Mark Briscoe

Tie up in the ring, chop by Briscoe, then King reverses it and sends him into the corner, punches to King in the corner but King just tosses him across the ring, cannonball on Briscoe, King sends Briscoe into the corner then runs at him, and then chops and punches to Briscoe and then chokes him in the corner, Briscoe sends King to the outside, then does inside our cannon ball on King on the outside, Step on taupe conhero with a chair on Brody King, Mark Briscoe goes to set up a table but Rick Knox stops him and then King picks up Briscoe and throws him onto a chair, then sends him into the security wall, then into the wall again, King with a chop to Briscoe, then sends him into the security wall on the other side,

Back in the ring King tosses Briscoe and then kicks him and chokes him on the middle rope in the corner, Briscoe tries to regain control with chops, but King regains control and tosses Briscoe into the corner. Boss Man Slam by King for a two count. Briscoe tries to whip King but he holds onto the rope, running boot by Briscoe, chops to King, Briscoe with chops in the corner and then bites him on the head and another straight kick by Briscoe. Briscoe with a twisting moonsault of the top rope, Briscoe with a short clothesline and goes for driver 99 but a short in and out clothesline by King for a two count. Briscoe with Tiger Driver on Brody King and then Mark Briscoe climbs to the top rope and Julia Hart distracts him and then Brody pushes Mark of the top into the table, Gonzo bomb by Brody King for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Brody King

After the match Brody King holds Mark Briscoe and Julia Hart attacks him with a metal spike and busts open Mark Briscoe.

We hear from newly signed “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith who says he is here to climb ranks and collect his bounty.


Match 5: Women’s Singles Match
Deonna Purrazzo Vs Keira Hogan

Deonna in control and a baseball kick to Hogan, Hogan runs at Deonna but blocked, Hip attack to Deonna by Hogan, Deonna with a run at Hogan but met with boot, then a Russian Leg Sweep by Deonna and then a Venus De Milo armbar by Deonna Purrazzo for the win.

Winner via Pinfall “Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo

After the match “Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo leaves and the music of “Timeless Toni Storm hits and she comes out for her match.

Match 6: Non-Title Women’s Singles Match
AEW Women’s Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm w/Luther and Mariah May Vs Queen Aminata

Tie up in the ring, arm ringer on Storm, Aminata takes down Storm for a two count, Storm with a side headlock takedown, reversed and a head lock, drop toe hold followed by a Lou Thez Press on Aminata, chop to Aminata, chin lock by Storm, Aminata goes for a school boy rollup for a two count, forearm punch by Storm to Aminata, full nelson by Storm on Aminata, Snap mare takedown by Storm followed by a full nelson, Storm with a straight kick, Aminata with a inside cradle for a two. Running knee by Aminata to Storm for a two count. Snap DDT by Toni Storm on Aminata for a two count. Aero Raid Spin on Toni Storm but only a two count. Aminata goes for a hip attack but missed then a Toni Driver by Toni Storm for the win.

Winner via Pinfall AEW Women’s Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm

After the match Toni Storm says to Tony Schiavone don’t look dirty at me and this Wednesday on Dynamite I launch another movie and then Deonna will get the beating of her life like the wart you get on your butt.

Commercial break

Match 7: Main Event – Singles Match for AEW International Championship
Challenger: Tomohiro Ishii Vs Champion: Orange Cassidy

No Wifi at start of match (Sorry)

Stun dog millionaire and DDT on Ishii by Cassidy, taupe dive by Cassidy on Ishii, Sunshine Drop by Cassidy on Ishii for a two count, Cassidy climbs to the to the rope and nails Sunshine DDT for a two count, Cassidy with kicks to Ishii, running baseball drop kick to Ishii in the corner, running boot to Ishii, but blocked, and then baseball kick but Ishii won’t go down and then running squash on Cassidy,

Cassidy with forearms to no avail, punch to Cassidy for a two count, Ishii with a high vertical suplex on the middle rope on Cassidy and drops Cassidy for a two count, German suplex by Ishii on Orange Cassidy, chop to Cassidy, and Cassidy says no and wants more, Ishii drops Cassidy to the floor and referee checks him, Cassidy goes for Beach Break, and then rollup and reversed, sunset flip, Orange punch to Ishii followed by Beach Break but only a two count. Cassidy removes arm pad, Orange punch missed, Dragon Suplex, lariat to Cassidy, kick to Ishii, then a lariat takedown on Ishii and running kick, Brain Buster attempt, Orange Punch blocked and then attempt and a rollup for the win for Cassidy to retain.

Winner via Pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

After the Match Kingdom run down to attack Cassidy and do but Ishii comes back to the ring to make the save as the show ends.

Please note no Collision next week but returns in two weeks.

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