Ashley Massaro’s lawyer comments on the sex trafficking lawsuit against McMahon

Feb 6, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Lawyer for the late Ashley Massaro comments on Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit and WWE’s “toxic” culture

During an interview with NewsNation, Konstantine Kyros commented on the 2024 Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit…

“This doesn’t come as any surprise to the followers of Vince or the WWE. The culture was toxic. The sexual exploitation was just part of the overall control. The wrestlers function in an in-group subculture where they’re governed by a code of silence called kayfabe. This basically prevents people from speaking out because they’ll lose their jobs and livelihoods.

My understanding, from Ashley, and I think this is well-known to anybody with remote familiarity of the ins and outs of WWE. I believe the allegations were Mr. McMahon himself was commonly seen kissing the Divas in the rooms and so forth. When she rejected his advances, she met the fate of many other wrestlers, which was that her career was going to come to an end, and that’s essentially what happened. In addition to these horrific allegations that she made, it’s important for viewers to understand that the wrestlers have been exploited and injured for decades by McMahon. She had very common orthopedic injuries, she had very serious injuries to her neck, where she had herniated discs. This type of lack of any engagement with their healthcare, the health crisis that wrestlers are in when they suffer these horrendous injuries, and then they end up, unfortunately, in some cases, taking their own lives because they have, in many cases, undiagnosed (injuries)”.

WWE issued the following statement in regards to Massaro’s allegations years ago

“At no time was Vince McMahon or the management of WWE ever informed by Ashley Massaro or anybody else that she had been sexually assaulted, drugged, raped or sodomized by a military doctor with a nurse standing guard while on a goodwill tour in 2007 to U.S. military bases in Kuwait. In fact, if she ever articulated such a claim to WWE, we would have reported it immediately to the Base Commander.
At no time was there ever a meeting with Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis or other company executives in which she told them of such a claim and was instructed to keep it quiet.”

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  1. Hofnozzle says:

    Oh no the bloodsucker finds it offensive everybody just doesn’t let our moral superiors stick their noses in our business. Imagine wanting a culture that handles itself. How could anybody want that, when someone like this can totally do it for us? How about teaching people to stand up for themselves and earn respect? Nah run off to tell some lawyer or therapist or hr worker. Totally the better way, right? Of course not.

    It’s especially rich when in his own world Kyros failed to get anybody anything, but he still feels entitled to act like he’s got their real interests at heart. Every bit the con artist Vince McMahon is. He just gets to be in-crowd because of a piece of paper on his wall.

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