HBK says LA Knight was on WWE’s cut list, new AEW live approach

Jan 26, 2024 - by staff

Shawn Michaels revealed to ESPN that LA Knight was on WWE’s Cut list “several times” when in NXT, and Michaels would say he couldn’t be released because he was in a storyline.

Apparently Knight’s age was an issue for some in WWE.

“When people say a WWE guy or a Vince guy, he was f–king it. I was trying to tell them, lose the three-eight. He never looked to me like he had any mileage on him.”

– According to Wrestling Observer Radio, their live events touring strategy, AEW is going to do less shows in Bossier City and Savannah, and more shows in New York and Philadelphia and San Francisco going forward.

They’re not planning to run as many small market shows, with Kosha Irby now in charge.

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