Booker T offers Tony Khan some advice, Megan Bayne update, Okada trademarks “Rainmaker”

Jan 14, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– It’s being said Megan Bayne is leaving STARDOM next Sunday, January 21st. Bayne is expected to be on the AEW roster full time. She has been under AEW contract while in Japan refining her skills.

– On January 12, 2024, Kazuchika Okada filed to trademark “Rainmaker.” The trademark was filed for entertainment services.

Booker T Says Tony Khan “Is In The Wrong Job”

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T brought up Tony Khan’s recent posts going back and forth about former WWE champion Jinder Mahal.

In his comments, Booker referred to Khan’s talent as “soldiers” and said their only duty is to go out and do their job. Booker also referred to Kahn as a “general”, as he commands the company and calls the shots. However, Booker draws the line at Khan’s involvement on Twitter/X. Booker believes Khan is in the wrong job and jokingly states that he should be in charge of social media instead.

In conclusion, Booker T offered some advice to Tony Khan. The advice: have other people run the social media accounts.

Source: Fightful

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