Emotional night for Sami Zayn in Laval as son watches him wrestle for the first time

Dec 30, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

It was an emotional night for Sami Zayn when he appeared at the WWE non-televised live event in Laval, Quebec, on Thursday night.

Zayn, who got an unexpected assistance from the unadvertised Kevin Owens on the show, said that the night was very special for him because it was the first time that his son got to see him wrestle.

Talking to the crowd after the match, Zayn said that he’s been coming to Montreal for 10 years with WWE and every time he is there he thinks that nothing could top it the next time around.

He said that Elimination Chamber this year was a highlight and again thought that another return here would not be more special than that…but he was wrong as on Thursday, it was even more special for him.

“For those of you that come to the show, you’ll see these guys right here who have been supporting me all these years. My family in the front row right here,” he said. “But tonight is even more special, because you may know this about me by now, I’m a little bit of a private person. I keep some of this stuff to myself. Some of you might not know this, but I have a little boy. And he’s this cutie right here in the red shirt.”

WWE cameras then showed his son on the big screen as he waved to the crowd. Sami said that when he’s at home, he’s just “baba” and not a WWE Superstar.

“This young man right here has never seen me wrestle. He knows nothing about what I do. Tonight is the first time ever that he sees me in this ring,” Zayn said.

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