Jericho gets into a Christmas Day spat with CM Punk’s lawyer, and a Jay Lethal note

Dec 26, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Chris Jericho got into a spat with CM Punk’s lawyer Stephen P. New on X after Jericho said he did not sign an NDA for Brawl Out and the lawyer suggested to go check the employee handbook unless he has a special one.

“I don’t adhere to an employee handbook and have NEVER had one in 4 years of working for @aew,” Jericho’s rant on Christmas Day started with.

“I’ve also never signed an NDA in my life ….ever. So stop trying to be a bully and making egotistical fantasy brags for your clients, and start doing some research before you make blanket statements about your buddies,” he continued.

Jericho said he saw everything that night including how Lucy, Ace Steel’s wife who is the only one without an NDA from the incident, acted and what really went down.

“I know exactly what really happened. And considering you weren’t there and I was …maybe you should shut your mark ass up. Because what really went down was disgusting,” Jericho wrote.

The rant might have been exactly what the lawyer was looking for as Jericho played right into it.

“Thank you Chris. We will just attach this Tweet as Exhibit A,” New replied. “Merry Christmas.”

– During a recent virtual signing with Highspots, AEW wrestler Jay Lethal spoke about Chris Jericho being a dream opponents he wants to face, hopefully before Jericho retires. Jay Lethal stated (via, “Dream opponents? I would love to step into the ring with Chris Jericho at some point before he retires. I don’t know how much longer Jericho is going to keep going, but I’d like to step into the ring with him before it’s over.”

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