What Eddie Kingston said to Bryan Danielson after AEW Collision went off the air

Dec 25, 2023 - by James Walsh

As seen during the December 23rd edition of AEW Collision, Eddie Kingston defeated Andrade El Idolo in a Continental Classic tournament match. Kingston will face Bryan Danielson on this coming Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite and after Collision went off the air, there was a verbal confrontation between the two…

Kingston: “I got you Wednesday, bitch! You’ve never never been able to get rid of me! You beat me but I still stand up, dog. I’m still up in your face bitch. You call me a bum. Guess what? I’m the king of The Underdogs, I’m the king of the lowest of the low and and I’m the king of the bums so watch your mouth when you speak to me. One more thing… when you missed before, don’t miss again.”

Bryan: “Eddie Kingston has never beaten me in his life and Eddie Kingston is a bum!”

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