Collision TV Report for 12/23/2023

Dec 23, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo


Venue: Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, Tx


No time for promos, much like Wednesday it’s right to Danielson’s theme.

Bryan Danielson vs Claudio Castagnoli

Backstory: Danielson’s on 9 points – he wins, he’s through; Claudio __

Usual cast on comms.

Handshake, lockup, loud crowd chanting ‘AE-Dub’ immediately, Claudio tried a quick cover after a shoulder tackle. Danielson smothered the Swiss on the mat, Claudio pivoted through to grab a quick one count. Test of strength, Danielson to his knees, the announcers debating whether Claudio would cheat as he did last week.

Danielson countered back, forcing the Swiss to his back, leg trip, looking for an ankle lock, going for the Romero Special instead, fish-hooking his way into it, teammate or not. Didn’t actually get it, settled for stomping the Achilles and a stiff kick instead for two.

Claudio knocked Danielson on his ass, Danielson looked a little rattled but a little pleased at the fight shown by his teammate. Uppercuts in the corner before hauling BD up like a baby for the easiest scoop slam you ever saw, elbow drop, count of one.

Danielson again targeting the legs, Claudio reticent to target Danielson’s eye so didn’t break the hold. Danielson got some crazy backward submission, looking to pin the shoulders, Claudio kept raising them to avoid the pin, beautiful chain wrestling through as each landed monkey flips with wrists captured, bridged up at the same time, arms still captured, until Claudio kicked his way free.

Both eyed the other from opposing corners.

Claudio forced him to the corner then poked the good eye, big ‘oooh’ from the crowd, loads of the fans have ‘2’ signs. Danielson rolled through capturing the legs for two, Claudio smashed him with a lariat after popping up, for the same. Claudio tried the Swing, Danielson countered through into LeBell by wrapping his body around but was too near the ropes.

Claudio headed outside after but took a dropkick through the ropes, leaping knee off the apron then sent to the steps. Kicks and chops to the chest right next to the titles. Claudio took over as they returned inside with a few H&A elbows, rights in the corner, whip, running uppercut, a second met by a drop toe hold into the buckle.

Danielson firing chops, running dropkick, a second, a third caught into the Swing, pin attempt, 2.5. Crowd loved that sequence. TiA chants. It’s damn good.

Sharpshooter coming, Danielson wouldn’t be turned, got the ropes but was clotheslined outside. Ads. Guess that means Claudio’s the heel.

Back as we so often are to a superplex attempt, Danielson slipped under, crotching Castagnoli, tree of woe – stiff kicks to the chest before shoving Claudio back atop the buckle for a huge belly to back. A late cover got two. H&A to follow, Claudio climbed to his feet, BD still on his shoulders, Danielson slipped free, tilt-a-whirling around into LeBell, beautifully done. Again, the Swiss was too near the ropes and got ‘em with his legs.

The ref was very late seeing this and took some boos.

Danielson aimed chops before setting Claudio up top again, the latter countered a rana by hammering the eye then launched a twisting suplex from the middle buckle. For two. Less than five minutes left now.

Both struggling on the mat, Claudio needs to win to go through. So aggressively aimed uppercuts then hauled BD up for a Ricola Bomb; Danielson countered into a triangle, firing elbows to the head as he did. Claudio muscled him back up into a scary Neutralizer (which Schiavone still doesn’t know the name of). Danielson just kicked out.

Three minutes left.

Danielson got free of another Ricola, duck under, busaiku knee, Tony spoiled the result by insisting it was over. More H&A, Claudio on his back until reversing things by muscling Danielson down, both had the other’s wrists captured, both aiming kicks to the face, neither breaking, Claudio hooked the legs, up into the Sharpshooter, dead center, one minute remains, it’s Mania 12 all over again.

Danielson almost got the ropes, dragged back middle, desperately trying not to tap, thirty seconds now, crowd wild. Ten seconds, Claudio went for a Ricola, tried an uppercut, got a one count as the bell sounded.

Draw. Not sure if Claudio was supposed to hit the Ricola to make that a little more dramatic but ran out of time or what. Super match – good story of two guys who couldn’t be separated, plenty of drama as time started to run out for Claudio..

Danielson through to the final. They shook again to end the seg.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

They recapped all the Gold League stuff from Weds in a clip package. Focusing on the three finalists. Mox in particular was excellent.

The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs Top Flight & Action Andretti (Trios Titles)

Backstory: The challengers challenged last week during an interview

Not a great spot to be put in here for the challengers. They’re babyfaces but will probably be less popular than The Redundant. Err, the Acclaimed. Caster rapped that Andretti beat Jericho and now his career’s dead. Not joking. Then forced a Wembamyama reference to get a cheap pop.

He and Darius set it off, the pair wrestling in and out of headlock takeovers, headscissors, kip-ups and armdrags. Blind tag to Bowens who hit a nice double team neckbreaker across Caster’s knees. Darius got his feet up to block a corner attack, Dante in, kick to the spine for two.

Bowens landed a swinging neckbreaker, flurry ending with a nice thrust kick, everybody in, Dante flung outside by Gunn. The other two hit stereo dropkicks to the Acclaimed. Billy Gunn came in to no-sell for more youngsters. Just dismissively dumping Andretti, telling him to ‘suck it’ then snatching a side slam.


Andretti avoided a splash in the corner which wasn’t well timed, enizguri, tag out, Dante and Caster in, Dante flipped and flew to avoid both Acclaimed, cross body off the top to Caster, Top Flight nice double team offense on Caster, Darius tornado ddt off his bro’s chest, standing shooting star from Andretti, Gunn broke the pin.

All three attacked Gunn, he flung them all off with ease then caught Andretti into a neckbreaker slam, then tilt-a-whirled Darius. Then slammed him. Don’t know why he bothers with partners.

Andretti and Dante broke up scissor me timbers, Bowens was nailed with a thrust kick, it took all three to just about knock Gunn off the apron then hit stereo topes, Andretti hit a springboard spinning splash for a near fall. Missed a running shooting star and was rolled up by Caster for three.

The announcers debated whether Caster hooked the tights. I missed it trying to keep up with all the happenings (and cause the camera angle didn’t show it properly), that ending was rapid.

Winner: the Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

They remembered they’re trying to book a feud between Hook and Wheeler Yuta. Hook cut a brief promo from a stoop in ‘Brooklyn’. Challenging Yuta for World’s End. That one’s so heated ppv was the only place for it.

Keith Lee vs Brian Cage

Backstory: Lee told Nana he wanted Swerve, presumably this is Cage trying to take him out before that happens

Lee was rocking a Santa hat on his saunter to the ring.

Will swerve lose Weds then face Lee at World’s End? I am a little less convinced he’s winning the tourney after remembering the winner has that stupid triple belt that needs defending in Japan.

Lockup, test of strength, neither got an advantage. Crowd quiet now. Both tried shoulder blocks to no effect, Lee blocked a Cage flying headscissors but Cage hit at attempt two. Lee responded with one of his own. But celebrated too long and took a gamengiri in the corner and a series of kicks including a spinning one to the head and a crazy springboard tornado ddt from Cage.


Lee caught Cage with a big left sending him staggering to the corner. Series of body shots, Cage tried to get Lee on his shoulders after countering an armdrag, Lee dumped him sloppily over his head body drop style, not a fun landing.

But came back to hit a trip and 619 then went for his out-to-in suplex from the apron. Lee fought it off with a single shot, Cage down, Lee upstairs, caught via gamengiri, Cage thinking superplex. And hitting.

Both down.

Cage slow to cover, Lee out at 2.5.

Cage hit a series of kicks capped via thrust kick, Lee up on his shoulders with ease, dumped off face-first for another near fall. Cage has dominated this.

Nana put a cinder block in the ring, the ref was quite happy with this, he saw it and just left it there. Lee fought off Cage and hit his off-the-shoulder jackhammer to win (still don’t think I’ve ever heard AEW name that move).

Lee took the mic to say ‘someone’ took him out about a year ago with a cinderblock. And that guy hasn’t been listening so he’s coming to Dynamite to make it clear. He has a house to tear down and is going to do it brick by brick.

Such a better line than ‘I’m the Big Bad Wolf…’.

Winner: Keith Lee

Toni Storm interview with Renee. Mariah May and Luther were with her. Storm didn’t know who Mariah was still. May’s been cleared for her American debut but still wouldn’t say who against. She asked Storm for advice – Storm couldn’t hear her ‘cause she was focused on the camera.

Storm spoke and acted weirdly – about gaining weight to face Riho – did her whole tits and shoe line. The usual. If you like it you like it. Didn’t do a damn thing to build the title match. Not that it’s a great one to begin with.


Christian Cage and Nick Wayne out. Big reaction for the music. To address Adam Copeland’s challenge for the TNT Title next week.

He addressed Wayne’s mom smacking Copeland with the title a couple weeks back. Or was going to, but instead introduced Shana Wayne. So she’s full heel? Despite all the stuff Cage said about her and her dead husband. This makes no sense.

And I don’t see that they can make any out of it.

She was booed and didn’t like it (in character). And acted heelish. She said what we all knew – she did it cause Copeland nailed Wayne with a con-chair-to. There were a mix of boos and ‘STFU’ chants.

Then said the only person who loves her son as much as she does is Cage.

She thankfully handed the mic back. Cage put her down for working dead end jobs to help her son achieve his dream only for Copeland to try to take it all away. He said Copeland’s mom worked the ‘same crappy, loser jobs’ to help him – he should have sympathy.

Then said he wished Copeland’s mom was alive so she could disown him for how he’s acting. Then made a lame line about how he ‘scored’ both in the match in Montreal and with Wayne’s mom.

Cage accepted Copeland’s request but wouldn’t call it a ‘challenge’ since he’s already beaten him. He’s going to beat Copeland and put him down permanently on behalf of all single mothers.

As I said at the time, this kills a lot of Wayne’s heat since his mom is now a bitch. So all the stuff he did was to a bitch. They should not have let Shana talk that long.


Lexy with Starks and Big Bill. Bill said diverticulitis sounds made up. He thinks Omega’s afraid to face the greatest team ever. Starks said he didn’t have the ‘guts’ – Bill howled at this.

Jericho interrupted. He has a contract for a match against them and he’s going to find a partner and take their titles. He doesn’t know where or when but he will.

(Sammy Guevara seems like a candidate though they were obviously feuding before Guevara’s concussion. Ibushi’s a better-fitting possibility. No-one else feels like a fit.)

The champs were very entertaining here. They interact brilliantly.

Daniel Garcia vs Brody King

Backstory: Garcia’s out; King needs to win and Andrade lose

Schiavone said earlier Garcia has ‘a lot to fight for’. Though neglected to name anything. Matt Menard joined on comms again.

Garcia had his head shaved and slapped King. Who crushed him in the corner then wailed away. Barking next, cannonball coming, hit, Garcia got the ropes with his legs at nearly three.

King continued to dominate, chops and chokes, Garcia ended up on the apron and was smacked to the floor. ‘C’mon Red Death!’ yelled Brody mockingly. Garcia tried to fight back but was hooked in King’s choke hanging him off the apron then dumped to ringside.

Ads. Do it again Brody!

Garcia got a boot up in the corner. And another. A third. Tried a German, King threw him off easily, hit a senton for two. Hauling him up to knock him back down via chop. And again. Garcia gritted his death on a third and remained standing. Walking through a fifth as King stood with his arms behind his back, asking Garcia to bring it.

Garcia launched a flurry of chops which had no effect. A trio of diving forearms fared a little better but King elbowed free of a belly to back and talked more trash. This doesn’t feel like a tournament match, King needs to win and is more bothered with beating up Garcia.

Garcia finally rocked King but got up right into a King DVD, big lariat, but kicked out. The announcers again telegraphed it. King hit a Gonzo Bomb, Garcia kicked out again. Went limp as Brody tried to lift him. Twice. Kelly said the ref should stop it.

Garcia was playing possum and hooked a jackknife pin to win. Long hair, short hair, don’t care.

Lights went out as they do every single episode. The rest of HOB were holding Garcia by the wrists. Menard tried to save him and got walloped by Buddy. Menard threw his body on Garcia to protect him. FTR came to make the save. HOB bailed.

Dax said he’s tired of the fairytales and magic (aren’t we all?). He said FTR wanted to face them. Didn’t say when, where or how. Nor did AEW bother to recap the angle last week.

They then remembered the former women’s champ is returning for the first time in over a year next. These are all the things that makes angles and wrestlers seem important that they just don’t do.

None of the booking in this match or angle was good. As ever, Tony Khan’s content to book matches which will likely be good in the ring, without worrying about the quality of the build. And to repeat about the match, it did not feel like a must-win match with a finite time limit. It felt like any other match with a bully heel enjoying beating up a smaller wrestler.

Both are now eliminated.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Julia Hart & Skye Blue vs Abadon & Thunder Rosa

Backstory: Rosa’s 1st match in about 16 months after saving Abadon from a 2-on-1 last week

Skye’s now totally ‘dark’ cause reasons. They haven’t even bothered explaining why she sided with Julia (I know it’s cause she was misted but they haven’t explained that) or if she’s with HOB.

As with the other tag, the ostensible faces aren’t in a great position here. I see zero chance Abadon is cheered against Julia. Rosa came in via lowrider to a very nice pop and a great intro from Dasha. It sounds like her music is remixed slightly too.

Hart slammed Abadon’s head repeatedly against the mat. Then fired forearms. But was caught out of a crossbody and slammed down before Abadon smacked her repeatedly. Then hit a running knee. A much better one than last week.

Skye ran in to cut off a tag to Rosa and the heels worked over Abadon. Rosa didn’t come in because the rules are different for the heels I guess?


The heels continued cutting off the tag until Abadon hit a double ddt, making the crawl, Rosa in, series of lariats, leaping one in the corner to Hart, double knees, same to Blue, crowd chanting her name as she nailed Blue via running dropkick, northern lights, Hart broke it up.

The heels have spent most of this match in the ring at the same time.

Hart flung Rosa out, she came back in and Blue hit a thrust kick and tried a running powerbomb out of the corner but settled for another thrust kick after Rosa slipped free. Julia was setting up her moonsault, Abadon shoved her off into a tree of woe position, Rosa flung Blue into her, Tijuana Bomb on Blue for the win.

Crowd didn’t care about anyone outside Rosa here. Glad she’s finally overcome that back injury. Especially after all the crap she got about faking it.

Winner: Thunder Rosa & Abadon

Eddie Kingston vs Andrade El Idolo

Backstory: Eddie needs to win to save his tournament and his titles; Andrade’s through with a draw

Andrade was obviously solo again after CJ Perry’s been in hospital all week. Glad she and Kenny are/have been looked after. This one has to be up there for best pair of themes.

They shook but talked trash while doing it. A pair of shoves saw Andrade try to hit his nasty back elbow immediately, Eddie avoided it. Back to jawing, Kingston tried a Uriken, Andrade ducked. Reset once more.

Andrade got a headlock, Eddie countered out but Andrade quickly got back on top, both working the wrist/arm, Kingston backed to the corner, flinging Andrade across the ring, he avoided an attack in the corner, ran up the buckle, cross body off, back to working the shoulder/arm.

Kingston hit back with a knee to the gut, snapmare, stomp, flexing his arm as Andrade blocked being hauled to his feet but took a lariat as the ads arrived.

Andrade slipped behind, took a back elbow, caught Eddie with a low dropkick as he attacked in the corner, Kingston struggling up using the ropes, Andrade pair of dragon screws, ducking a lariat, leaping forearm, kip-up, stomp in the corner, Kingston down.

‘Si! Si! Si!’ double knees coming, hit, for two.

Three amigos signalled, all three hit, but not for three. Andrade stopping to pose before heading upstairs, diving off into a Kingston enziguri which left both down, Kingston selling the knee Andrade injured earlier. Taking a kick but coming back with machine guns in the corner, knife edges now, Andrade knocked on his ass, hauled up into an exploder for a near fall.

Half and half blocked by Andrade, he sent Kingston out through the ropes, effortless moonsault from the middle buckle, Kingston sent back in, crowd chanting for the Mexican as he hit double jump, Kingston just out before three, barely raising a shoulder.

Kelly mentioned Tanahashi being named NJPW Pres. Said he’d be watching.

Dueling chants as Eddie desperately tried to block the El Idolo DDT, backdrop driver out of the corner for another near fall. Kingston asked the ref to make sure Andrade could continue, the latter fired elbows in the corner, took a chop but came back with his back elbow. Kingston again kicked out, Andrade couldn’t believe it. (That elbow just looks devastating, love how out of control he looks, like he’s throwing everything into it.)

TiA from the crowd now as Andrade signalled the figure four, got it, Kingston got the ropes, fifteen minutes gone, two minutes before the hour. Eddie popped up to hit a Uriken, a second, northern lights driver for the win. Finish out of nowhere really. Good match though.

A smug, smiling Danielson hit the ring, Kingston peeled down his straps and was talking trash as the show ended.

Winner: Eddie Kingston


Next Dynamite:

Jon Moxley vs Swerve Strickland vs Jay White (Gold League Final)
Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston (Blue League Final)
MJF & Samoa Joe vs Devil’s Goons (ROH Tag Titles)
Added to World’s End:

Julia Hart vs Abadon (TBS Title)
Hook vs Wheeler Yuta (FTR Title & Rules)
Copeland vs Cage (TNT Title)
Thumbs Up/Down

Danielson vs Claudio
Starks and Bill as an act
Kingston vs Andrade
Another easy watch though heavily reliant on wrestling

An awful lot of it with only two more hours now to push a ppv – they obviously have high hopes for the Devil storyline and tourney finals bagging buys
Appreciate you reading. Have a great Christmas!

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