WWE News and Notes

Dec 20, 2023 - by James Walsh

– During a conversation on “Wrasslin’ Talk”, Mike Rotunda, the father of Bray Wyatt, disclosed that WWE has placed Wyatt on a Legends contract, ensuring that his wife and children will continue to receive the financial support they require to live a normal life. Rotunda stressed the more people purchase Bray merch from WWE Shop, the more his family gets paid.

– Now available on WWE Shop…

– WWE has a deal in place with the NHL to produce Legacy Title belts, as they did with the NFL this year.

– During the latest Six Feet Under (via Fightful), The Undertaker recalled CM Punk losing grappling contests to Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin on a flight in 2006. The WWE crew were headed to Camp Victory in Baghdad for Tribute to the Troops that year.

Undertaker said:

“We’re drinking, everyone is carrying on. Somehow or another, the discussion comes up. I don’t know if Vince instigated this one or not. Bradshaw was on this flight too. The topic comes up as we’re on the way over. CM Punk, he fashioned himself as a jiu-jitsu practitioner. Someone broached the question, ‘You did jiu-jitsu. How long do you think you could last with one of these two wrestlers?’ It was Bobby Lashley, who wrestled for the Army, and Shelton Benjamin, who wrestled at Minnesota. Two high-level amateur wrestlers. To Phil’s credit, he said, ‘I’ll tap them out.’ That was about all it took. Now, the pot begins to really get stirred. Shelton, at this time, he didn’t drink at all. I remember Vince pouring a styrofoam cup full of wine, and Shelton just gulps it down. I honestly can’t remember who went first. There is not a lot of room. It’s tight, but there’s enough room. I want to say the first match lasted about 47 seconds. The other one was sub-40, where they had taken them down and pinned him. He didn’t back down, but my goodness, it was like blood in the water and two great white sharks circling. They could not wait. They didn’t disappoint. That was another fine case of Vince McMahon shit disturbing.“

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