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Dec 16, 2023 - by staff

Notes on Tony Khan’s comments last night at the ROH press conference:

-Khan says All In 2024 is approaching $5M in ticket sales.

-Revolution approaching $1M in ticket sales.

-“Safe bet” there will be a Continental Classic again next year.

-He calls Final Battle on HonorClub a huge success. He didn’t mention a subscriber number.

-On television deal with WBD, he said both sides are doing their due diligence.

-People in wrestling spend a lot of time on Twitter and even when things are great for AEW there are people saying there’s a problem.

-This led into him mentioning the difference for All In 2023 between drop count (72,265) and announced ticket sales (81,035) is a normal percentage and similar to the difference for NFL attendance.

credit: Brandon Thurston

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  1. Imma Hullo says:

    Loved the part where he tried to excuse X as an echo chamber when he talks exactly like a stats nerd who lives in a echo chamber himself. Oh yeah throw some statistics at us, you can’t have an opposite opinion of what the statistic says.
    Dude it’s life, some people will love your stuff whole other people will hate your stuff, get the f over it. If his company is able to afford him doing what he wants to do, good for him. Keep doing it in spite of the haters. But he can’t just make everyone in the whole world be nice to him because he thinks it’s “great”. As newsflash, they disagree.

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