Updated: Charlotte Flair suffers apparent leg injury on Smackdown (video)

Dec 9, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Charlotte Flair had to be helped out of the ring last night at Smackdown after she suffered what looked like a knee injury while wrestling Asuka.

Flair limped towards the final moments of the match and it was very evident that she had a problem in her left leg. The match, which had a feeling of having an abrupt end, came to a close after Bayley interfered, giving Asuka the advantage to roll up Charlotte for the three count.

A trainer and the referee attended to Flair after the match and helped her out to the back.

There was a spot during the match where Asuka and Flair were on the top rope and Asuka slipped, taking down Flair with her. Flair’s leg hit the top rope, twisting her knee in the process.

A very frustrated Flair told referee Charles Robinson “my knee” when he was checking her and put her hand on her face.

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