Swerve Strickland on his Bray Wyatt tribute gear

Dec 8, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Swerve on his Bray Wyatt tribute gear:

“I remember when the Fiend was really going, there was a lot of chatter of if this was for them as a fan and stuff like that. And I was like, ‘No, this is brilliant work.’ I don’t think people really appreciated the brilliance that he was bringing to the screen and a lot of risk that he was taking too. I think he was ahead of his time and stuff and I just wanted to show appreciation that the love and influence wasn’t lost.

I was in locker rooms with him during my time doing 205. He always gave me hugs, he was awesome. At one point I had to help him with the Fiend mask (laughs). He was always a good brother in the locker room. He was fun, he was really cool. I’m a horror person and I was just really happy to see a new age of horror brought to the screen in an industry that I love. I was like, that was revolutionary and I wanted to take a little piece of that into what I was doing that night. If anything I feel like his spirit powered that match.”

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