Jericho wasn’t surprised CM Punk returned to WWE

Dec 6, 2023 - by James Walsh

Chris Jericho speaks on CM Punk’s return to WWE.

The Demo God spoke about the former AEW world champion during a recent interview with Chris Van Vilet. Jericho admits that Punk going back to WWE didn’t surprise him as much as it did others, adding that Triple H learned from Vince McMahon that keeping the fans happy is important.

I mean it doesn’t surprise me. I mean it’s the Vince attitude like if you can make money with somebody then you bring them back. He brought back the nWo, he brought Bischoff in. Yeah, and Vince isn’t in charge. But Triple H learned from Vince once again and the fans, keeping the fans entertained and happy man look, he came back and it was the highest viewed social media segment that they’ve ever had. So once right out of the gate, it was a benefit to them. So it didn’t surprise me.

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