Bruce Prichard comments on Dixie Carter being backstage at WWE RAW

Dec 3, 2023 - by James Walsh

During his podcast, WWE official Bruce Prichard commented on TNA President Dixie Carter being backstage at WWE RAW on November 27th 2023..

“I’ve always said it even in our TNA podcast where sometimes a little controversial, but I’ve always maintained that Dixie, I think she’s a wonderful person and we’ve remained friends to this day. I reached out and I thought it would be great since we were going to be in Nashville to invite her to the show and say hello and it was terrific to see her and reconnect and say hello.”

Prichard also commented on his own health…

“I said I would never get another shoulder surgery, and in one week (he points to his left shoulder), this one gets cut and ripped apart, labrum sewn up and rotator gets sewn up and chips out of my ball joint and all that good sh*t.”


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