Carmella says she suffered a foot injury giving birth

Dec 1, 2023 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

Carmella and Corey Graves announced the birth of their son Dimitri Paul Polinsky in November. In a video published to her Instagram account, Carmella provided an update on her health…

“I have nerve damage in my right foot from pushing this bubs out of me. So, the entire side of my right foot is numb. It’s difficult to move my toes. I can’t really move my foot, so it’s making it difficult to walk. Which is a bit annoying but the anesthesiologist… I thought it was originally from the epidural. I didn’t know what was wrong.”

“But he [the anesthesiologist] said it can happen and with pushing on your back and it should hopefully resolve in a few weeks. I’m going to see a chiropractor next week which will hopefully help. My acupuncturist has been working on it so we’ll see. Fingers crossed it’s better soon.”

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