Konnan pitches idea for Jack Perry’s AEW return

Nov 26, 2023 - by James Walsh

Speaking recently on his K100 podcast, Konnan shared his thoughts about Jack Perry’s return to AEW (per Wrestling Inc). Konnan expressed his opinion that Perry was a reasonably calm individual and likely wouldn’t cause tensions on his return.

Additionally, he mentioned that AEW could likely benefit from leaning into Perry’s heel potential and use the wrestler to generate heat from the fans. You can find a highlight below…

On the outcome of Perry returning to AEW:

“I don’t think he would be a problem — ’caused the guy [fan] asked if he would be a problem coming back — I don’t think he’d be a problem ’cause I met him, he’s a nice laidback guy. But, you know, you’re not gonna get punked out of the dressing room, and he pushed back when he was pressed. Punk punked him out and he was like, ‘f*** you,’ and did that on TV. I would keep him as a heel, he showed some personality and I would definitely put that hot butter on a breakfast toast Anna Jay with him as the new power couple and I would just say, ‘I’ve got the baddest bitch and she acts like she knows that she’s the baddest bitch.’ That’s heat.”

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