AEW Rampage Results 11/25/23

Nov 25, 2023 - by Atlee Greene

-AEW Rampage Results 11/25/23

Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Tony Schiavone & Nigel McGuinness

Petersen Events Center – Pittsburgh. PA


-Hook vs. Rocky Romero

Hook catches Romero coming in with a forever clothesline to deliver a Taz-plex in the corner. Hook follows up with a judo throw and a stiff clothesline. Hook gets a near fall off a nothernern lights suplex, but Romero hangs him out to dry. Romero hits his half of the strong zero tag finisher for a two-count. Hook hits a leg trip but can’t make the cover. Romero goes for a second sliced bread #2, but Hook catches him in the Red Rum. Romero reaches for the ropes but can’t get to them. Romero taps!

Winner: Hook


Video package hyping Katsuyori Shibata and Wheeler Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship later tonight. Wheeler says he’s the only member of the BPCC that everyone hates. He’s okay with that because guys like Claudio and Mox have his back. Wheeler says the Pure Title meant everything to him until Shibata took it and said one head-on headshot would send him back to Japan worse than he was the last time.


-Kris Statlander vs. Diamante

Statlander hits a power slam coming out of the corner and follows up with a running knee. Diamante’s tag partner, Mercedes Martinez, makes her way to ringside, which causes enough of a distraction for Diamante to take control. Diamante chokes Statlander on the second rope. Martinez is looking for a cheap shot but can’t find it as the ref turns back around. Diamante applies a straightjacket choke but throws Statlander to the ground in frustration.

Statlander gets thrown for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Diamante hits a roll up faceplant. Statlander gets the backslide, Diamante counters storm zero with a roll-up, and Statlander hits a power slam. Diamante comes back with a face-first vertical suplex for a two-count. Diamante is upset that they didn’t win and hits a lariat. Diamante goes for another one, but Statlander catches her coming in with a spinning lariat for the three count.

Winner: Kris Statlander


Post Match: Mercedes Martinez entered the ring and blindsided Statlander. Martinez and Martinez put the boots to Statlander until Willow Nightingale ran down and pulled her out of the ring to avoid further harm.


Pre-Taped Interview: Daniel Garcia is sitting in the balcony talking about his time on the indy scene in PA. Garcia said he wishes his confidence was higher as he enters the Continental  Classic, but he’s lost several matches. He’s heard the talk about how he’s only in the tournament to eat pins. He says that tears away his confidence even more, but he will do his best, starting with Claudio on Collision.


-The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Duke Davis  & Gannon Jones

Taven and Bennett cut a promo on the way to the ring. They claim MJF is the devil and are upset that “No Neck November” is almost over. Taven calls the crowd a bunch of melvins and states that MJF is carrying something that does not belong to him: the ROH Tag Team Titles.

Their promo lasted longer than the match. Taven and Bennett jump their opponents at the bell. Duke Davis was piledrivriven on the ramp by Bennett, and Taven hits Jones with a frog splash to score the pin. Jones & Gannon were identified as wrestlers in the independent scene in Pittsburgh; unfortunately, they stood no chance here.

Winner: The Kingdom


-ROH Prue Championship: Katsuyori Shibata (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

The Judges: Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, & Christopher Daniels

After some chain wrestling exchanges, Shitaba applies a surfboard and transitions to a bow and arrow. Shitaba hits some knee strikes to the midsection and rolls up Yuta with a heel hook. Yuta escapes, using his first rope break. Yuta immediately drops Shitaba with an overhand closed fist to the head. One more time, and he’s disqualified. Yuta hits a beautiful standing dropkick and applies a rear chin lock. Yuta hits another standing dropkick and delivers a leg drop for a two-count.

Yuta is taunting Shitaba as he chops him in the corner. Yuta applies a cravat in the center of the ring and applies more pressure. Shitaba is about to get to his feet, but Yuta sends him to the mat and hits another leg drop. Yuta continues with more chops in the corner. Shitaba is getting a second wind as the chops no longer have any impact. Shitaba backs Yuta into the opposite corner with three forearms to the heads and several chops. Shitaba hits a delayed dropkick and a snap suplex for a two-count.

Shitaba rolls up Yuta for an ankle lock. Yuta goes for the ropes, but Shitaba won’t let him, so he steps over to apply the STF. Yuta finally gets to the ropes and has one rope break left. Yuta sends Shitaba out of the ring off a sleeper hold and hits a tope sucida. Yuta picks him up, but Shitaba throws Yuta into the barricade while following him in for a kick. Shitaba misses a PK kick, and Yuta rolls up Shitaba while putting his feet on the ropes for a two-count.

Yuta pushes Shitaba into the referee, who is down. Yuta kicks Shitaba low and drops him on his head. Ref is back up, and Yuta rolls up Shitaba for the 1-2-2.

Winner #AndNew ROH Pure Champion: Wheeler Yuta

Post Match: Yuta holds the belt up high and demands Shitaba shake his hand. Shitaba thinks it’s absurd that Yuta wants to shake his hand. Yuta kicks Shitaba low again. Yuta delivers a DDT, dropping Shitaba on his head. Yuta goes for another DDT, but Hook comes out to make the save. Yuta goes to shake the judges’ hand, but they want nothing to do with him as Shitaba looks shaky, playing off his head injury in New Japan to close the show.


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