Trailer: Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad Animated Series released

Nov 23, 2023 - by James Walsh

The trailer for Cartoon Network Latin America’s animated Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad series has been released. The network released the trailer for the series, which starts Mysterio and will air on HBO Max internationally. You can check it out below. The show has no premiere date but is listed as “coming soon.”

The show is described as follows:

Oscar wants to watch his favorite wrestler, Rey Mysterio, fighting on the ring. However, his enthusiasm might lead him to one of Mysterio’s biggest secrets. And the adventure of a lifetime.

Oscar and Leo are excited to watch Rey Mysterio on the ring. However Oscar has his mind set on getting a photo with the legendary hero.

As he sneaks into the locker rooms of the arena he discovers an amazing secret. Lucha Libre wrestlers have hidden super powers, and Rey Mysterio seems to be right in the middle of an epic battle. With no one else around to help, it’s now up to Oscar to team up with his idol and fight the forces of evil.

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