NWA Powerrr Episodes Added to the CW App

Nov 22, 2023 - by James Walsh

NWA Powerrr is officially on The CW App, with several episodes added today. PWInsider reports that eight episodes from the current 15th season have been added and are listed in “Recently Added.” As of now, searching for NWA or Powerrr does not bring up the show.

Haus of Wrestling, who first reported that the show was going to end up on the app, reports that the following episodes are on the app:

* “The New Era”
* “New Era, Old Problems”
* “The Dark Carnival”
* “The G Gets The Love”
* “Keep Your Enemies Close”
* “When TV Stars Align”
* “Musical Chairs”
* “See You In Hell!”

For perspective, “The New Era” is episode 124. This week’s episode, titled “Who’s The Turkey Now?,” is episode 135. The last four weeks of episodes from the current season not yet on the app.

The site reports that the reaction from those close to the company is one of confusion, as most expected there to be some sort of announcement. People the site have spoken to have said that they believed Powerr would always air before the planned reality show, but that it would likely not happen until early 2024.

It was noted that it will be “interesting to see how Billy reacts to this.”

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