Will Ospreay reportedly signed a three year contract with AEW

Nov 20, 2023 - by staff

Some news on Will Ospreay signing with AEW. Fightful reports that Ospreay has signed an over three year contract. Ospreay is still under contract with New Japan till January 2024. New Japan gave Ospreay their blessing to sign with AEW when he informed them that he wasn’t re-signing. The relationship between AEW and New Japan also helped with the signing. Ospreay will still be able to work select dates while under contract with AEW.

With his AEW deal, Will Ospreay can remain in the UK. Ospreay arrived in LA on Friday but was kept hidden from everyone. He officially signed his AEW contract the morning of Full Gear. Both WWE and TNA had talks with Ospreay before he decided with AEW. Ospreay has expressed interest in returning to TNA.

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