MVP offers fans $10,000 to take down Omos at non-televised live event

Nov 20, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

At last night’s non-televised live event in Saginaw, Michigan, MVP offered $10,000 to anyone in the arena who wanted to take a shot and knock Omos off his feet.

Standing in the middle of the ring with the money in his hand, MVP said that he knows this particular area has been “economically challenged” for some time and most of the fans in attendance could barely afford their ticket to the show.

“So, I’m giving you an opportunity to change your life. I have $10,000 right here, more money than any of you have seen at one time,” MVP said. “I am putting up $10,000 of my money to anyone that can knock the Nigerian Giant off his feet!”

People started to raise their hands and MVP then proceeded to poke fun at some of them at ringside for not looking the part.

“Your money is safe,” said Omos. “Cause none of these cowards stand a chance!”

Omos crushed Akira Tozawa at the show, his fourth match in a row against the Japanese star during house shows.

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