Tony Khan hopes AEW has been a great send-off for Sting

Nov 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

Tony Khan has weighed in on Sting’s time in AEW and Darby Allin’s future after Sting retires. Khan touched on the topics during the media call to promote AEW Full Gear, and you can see some highlights below (courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

Last month, Sting announced his plans to retire from professional wrestling at AEW Revolution 2024 – the same pay-per-view that kicked off his return to in-ring competition three years ago. As Sting now gears up for his final run, Khan provides his assessment of Sting’s contributions to All Elite Wrestling and the legacy of “The Icon” as a whole.

On Sting’s AEW run: “Sting is important to everybody in AEW. We all have different memories … but I think for many people on this call, and certainly everybody I know in AEW, Sting is somebody that so many of us have been a fan of. But as we’ve gotten to know him and work with him, he’s also the nicest person I’ve ever known. He’s so kind and so genuine. He’s selfless, and I’m in awe of him. Sting is somebody that I think we should all aspire to be like. He’s really just one of the most positive and warm people I’ve ever known. He’s also such an incredible legend. The perseverance and staying power of Sting, to be in this business, and coming up on, realistically, three years in AEW that have been just incredible for us. I hope we’ve made it a great send-off for him.”

On Darby Allin’s future after Sting’s retirement: “I think it’s important to remember Darby was on fire before Sting got here and has continued to stay on fire. I think Sting has been a great mentor to Darby. And the crazy thing is, I think for the crazy world of modern, 2023, present-day wrestling, I think Darby has been an awesome person to help Sting get reintroduced after taking a lot of time away. Darby is a great mind for wrestling, and he’s one of our top stars. And I think, certainly, it’s very fitting he’ll be alongside Sting for Sting’s retirement. Also, I think Darby has got such a bright future, many years ahead after Sting retires, but I’m really glad that the two of them have had this great run. It’s been nearly three years now, and it’s been something I’ve really enjoyed, and one of the most special things I’ve ever been a part of.”

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