Ronda Rousey update

Nov 18, 2023 - by staff

An update on Ronda Rousey and AEW/ROH;

Fightful reports that Rousey is not signed with AEW and that this was done in hopes to generate some subscriptions to HonorClub. Rousey showed up on a handshake deal where she and Marina Shafir teamed to face Athena and Billie Starkz.

Rousey has been working the Lucha Vavoom, Revolver and ROH shows because she wanted to work with Marina Shafir in a similar manner with how she teamed with Shayna Baszler before Rousey left WWE. Fightful adds that she was never considered to be tonight’s signing at Full Gear.

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    So has AEW ever promoted Honor Club during their abundance of ROH title matches on their shows? No. So are they promoting Honor Club now that Ronda has appeared in ROH? No. And they wonder why they can’t sell tickets for their PPV or that anyone even cares about ROH.

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