Charlotte and Becky shake hands after Smackdown goes off the air

Nov 18, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair shook hands after Smackdown went off the air last night, their first public friendly interaction since a very, also public, fallout a few years ago.

As the faces cleared the heels from the ring, Bianca, Shotzi, Charlotte, and Becky stood tall and Charlotte and Becky looked at each other. Charlotte extended her hand for a handshake and Becky got her hand out, but it was Charlotte who went in for the shake. Becky then hilariously wiped her hands multiple times and mouthed off some words.

All four then posed at the top of the stage with Shotzi putting her hand around Bianca’s shoulder and Bianca putting her hand around Becky’s shoulder. Becky then extended her hand to do the same to Charlotte and Charlotte obliged. Again, Becky jokingly then wiped the side of her body where Charlotte was touching.

The former best friends had a massive fallout in 2021 which continued when the two had to swap their respective titles after they were drafted to opposing brands. The swap, which aired on Smackdown, went down the drain with very obvious problems between the two and those problems continued backstage after they got into a confrontation over what happened in the ring and in front of cameras.

Over the past few years, the two also made it very known that they’re not friends anymore although as professionals, they would still work together if necessary. Both Charlotte and Becky spoke candidly about their fallout and admitted they don’t know if they could ever be as close friends anymore.

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