Ric Flair: “I am ready for any kind of action”

Nov 17, 2023 - by James Walsh

During an interview with WrestleZone.com, Ric Flair commented on potentially getting physical in AEW…

“I don’t expect to wrestle. Could I? Yes, because I’ll learn from my mistakes. You always learn from past mistakes. But I don’t think that’ll ever happen, but I certainly want to be able to feed a guy if I’ve helped get heat on them because it’s only fair to the babyface, or the good guy rather, that he gets a shot at the guy. That’s how they prevail. They beat the villain and then they have to smack someone around that’s been associated with them. I am cleared for that. And even if I wasn’t, I’m feeding. That’s the way it works.”

“I think I’m a guy that’s lucky enough to be along for the ride, and what happens, happens. As Pedro Morales said years ago, ‘I am ready for any kind of action.’ And by the way, I’ll have a blade on my finger, brother. So you can pass that along. I don’t go to work without a blade. [laughs] I’ll take an aspirin so I really bleed.”

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