Jake Roberts Names The Strangest Place He’s Ever Wrestled

Nov 16, 2023 - by James Walsh

Jake Roberts spoke with Wrestling News about a wide range of topics, which included “The Snake” revealings some of the wildest places he’s ever wrestled. The Master of the DDT says he once wrestled in a department store in Tokyo.

Top of a department store in Tokyo. We were about 25 floors up, so it was pretty odd. To make it even crazier, there was only like 12 people there for a whole wrestling show. Then at the end of it, I found out that the owner of the building has requested a show for himself and family, and he paid for it, so they did it.

Later, he names the wildest place he’s ever had a wrestling match.

I’ve got one more. It was in a cockfighting compound. Yeah, literally, whenever you came up on this place, it was out in the sticks. When you come up on it, there was a large crow’s nest with automatic weapons in it. It was well-guarded. Cockfighting is pretty crazy sh-t, man. It was really weird because at intermission, they raffled off a shotgun and shells.

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