Trinity would like a Knockouts Title that glows

Nov 15, 2023 - by James Walsh

Trinity discusses her run as TNA (Impact) Knockouts Champion.

The Glow Queen spoke on this topic during a recent interview with the Battleground podcast, where the champ was asked about adding some flare to her title, specifically whether she would ever have one that glows in the dark. Trinity says she hopes that she’s able to introduce that to audiences soon.

You know what? I’ve been asked this question a few times and the more I asked about it, the more I really think about it, yes, I would like to do it. However, I’ve got some big matches coming up. So I want to make sure I get through those first and [that] I can hold on to get long enough before I light it up. So that’ll be like a little reward to myself if they allow, and if I can hold onto it after Hard to Kill, we’ll see.

In a separate interview, Trinity spoke about being featured in the main event during her run with the company, an honor she never really received when she was in WWE. She explains how being in the main event helped her grow as a performer.

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