CM Punk teases both WWE and AEW fans with single Instagram Story post

Nov 15, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk is taking trolling to a whole new level as his latest Instagram Story raised many eyebrows!

It’s clearly evident that Punk is having fun teasing fans with several of his posts while WWE continue to tease him and the devil story on AEW continues to take shape. Fans are convinced that Punk is the devil in the AEW storyline while other fans are convinced he will be in Chicago for Survivor Series next week.

Punk now decided to tease both sets of fans with one shot in his latest story on Instagram.

“Who better to play in the devil’s playground than me,” says Punk in a video as footage from Hell In A Cell plays in the background, showing Punk complete with devil horns.

This comes after Punk posted an image on his Story showing his training stats with War Pigs playing. War Pigs was last year’s theme song for Survivor Series.

You can see it at

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