The Undertaker on rooming with The Iron Sheik

Nov 12, 2023 - by James Walsh

During a recent edition of his Six Feet Under podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recalled an incident rooming with the late WWE Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik, back when The Undertaker was still a rookie in the WWE. Below are some highlights (via

The Undertaker on rooming with The Iron Sheik:

“I end up back in my hotel room around 1:30 in the morning. The Sheik comes in maybe 30, 45 minutes after I did. I’m just there, right there on the edge of some good sleep and he goes, ‘Ah excellent Marky Bubba! You get in some good rest.’ He lays down and falls asleep. It’s a couple of hours later and I wake up freezing.”

On Sheik keeping up with his shower and blowdryer:

“The next thing I hear, the shower’s on. Full steam … I’ve got the pillow over my head and I’m trying to thaw out … I’m still a little p***ed but I’m a greenhorn. I’m a rookie, I’ve got no say … I hear the water turn off and I go ‘Oh thank gosh’ and I’ve got an hour. It’s ridiculous. And then the next thing I hear the blowdryer starts. I go in and he’s blowdrying his mustache!”

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