Jim Ross on the likelihood of seeing Flair back in the ring

Nov 12, 2023 - by James Walsh

In a recent episode of Grilling JR, AEW’s Jim Ross offered his perspective on Ric Flair joining the promotion (per Wrestling Inc). According to Ross, having a name like Flair on board will help elevate the company, although he doesn’t expect the veteran to get back in the ring as a wrestler at any point. You can find a few highlights from Ross on the subject and listen to the most recent podcast below.

On the value of having Ric Flair at AEW:

“I think that he can contribute more than the vast majority of the populous of his world of his vocation and never wrestle; that’s just me. He’s a star. Ric Flair’s a star and, when he’s on your TV, he brightens your star.”

On the likelihood of seeing Flair back in the ring:

“I wasn’t so sure what he was going to do because I really believe — and this is going to sound negative, I don’t want to sound negative — that his wrestling days are essentially over. He’s 70-something, I’m 70-something; I get it.”

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