Cody Rhodes sees the potential in JD McDonagh, Rhea Ripley with Trinity and Killer Kelly (photos)

Nov 12, 2023 - by staff

Cody Rhodes thinks JD McDonagh has every chance to become a “big time player for WWE at some point”, and he’s been impressed by what the Judgment Day hopeful has achieved since moving up from NXT. Speaking via the new ‘Gabby AF’ podcast, Cody also joked about the size of JD’s head by saying: “His head’s giant. I mentioned the Funko pop thing. No doubt, it’s far beyond the size of his body!”. That was just a giggle – Rhodes is very high on McDonagh, and reckons he could surprise some with his work long-term.

Trinity x Mami interaction at recent Meet & greet expo

and with Killer Kelly

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