AEW Collision November 11th 2023 Results

Nov 11, 2023 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision Results
November 11th 2023
Live From: Oakland, California
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness.

Adam Copeland, Darby Allin and Sting, The Righteous and Lance Archer talk about main event, LFG talk about facing Ricky Starks, Will Hobbs says anyone can get it, Daniel Garcia says he won’t complain and take a negative into a positive when I face Andrade El Idolo.

Singles Match
Andrade El Idolo w/CJ Perry  Vs Daniel Garcia

Andrade El Idolo comes out and then CJ Perry comes out as his manager. (We see Miro watching backstage).

Tie up in the middle of the ring, Idolo with a wristlock, Idolo uses the rope with a full arm drag twist to escape wristlock, side headlock by Andrade, Garcia reverses it, Tranquilo by Andrade, shoulder tackle by Idolo to takedown Garcia, sliding dropkick by Andrade, chop to Garcia in the corner, punches exchanged and Andrade gets into the rope, leg sweep then dropkick by Daniel Garcia. high knee by Idolo following by lariat, Garcia exits the ring, then Andrade follows. Andrade with a cross body of the top rope, chops, then a sleeper over the rope but blocked, then a dragon screw leg whip and then a awkward landing by Idolo on the outside.

Garcia looks at Perry and dances in front of her and then Garcia sends Idolo into the ring, then Garcia sends Idolo into the turnbuckle, chop to Andrade on the outside, Garcia sends Idolo into security wall shoulder first, Garcia sits Idolo on chair then a running shotgun dropkick, by the announce table Andrade reverses Garcia and hits him then sends him back in the ring, but a leg whip takes Idolo down, punches in the corner, Garcia puts Idolo on the top rope, Garcia pushed Idolo off but Idolo is hung on the middle rope, punches to Garcia on the top rope, then Idolo kicks Garcia to the mat, forearm chop to Idolo, then a ankle lock submission by Garcia on Andrade, Andrade reverses and a up kick to escape, then a dragon screw leg whip twice, running forearm by Idolo of the rope, Idolo with running knees to Garcia in the corner, Garcia kicks out at two, Idolo climbs to the top rope but Garcia hangs Idolo on rope, Garcia working on left knee. vertical suplex by Andrade Idolo with two suplexes but not with the third, brainbuster by Garcia for a two count. back suplex attempt by Garcia but broken with a knee. Andrade climbs to the top rope lands a standing moonsault then a moonsault for a two count, forearm shots by Garcia to Idolo. punches to Idolo, then Idolo with slaps and Andrade fakes a pumped kick into a Figure 8 Submission for the win.

Winner via Submission: Andrade El Idolo

We see Miro looking at the back and he taps on the screen and has a smile on his face.

We see highlights of the end of Dynamite when someone was attacking the The Acclaimed by someone attacking  who was in the Devil mask.

Commercial break

Singles Match
Nick Wayne w/Luchasaurus and AEW TNT Champion Christian Cage Vs Dalton Castle w/The Boys

Tie up and Wayne enters the rope to break the move, Wayne sent in the corner, Wayne backs Castle then mocks Castle, waistlock takedown by Castle, Hammer throw on Wayne in the corner, knee to the back of Nick Wayne, Gut wrench suplex by Castle on Nick Wayne, Side slam takedown by Castle, overarm takedown by Castle on Nick Wayne, hanging drop on Wayne on the top rope, flying forearm shot, snapmare takeover by Wayne, Wrench by Wayne but reversed into corner, then a back elbow and short clothesline by Castle, Dalton Castle with two take down suplexes, pickup by Dalton Castle reversed by Wayne, release German Suplex by Dalton Castle, Luchasaurus tries to get involved but the Boys stop him and are double chokeslammed on the outside, then a rollup and then Wayne sends Castle into rope and Christian hits him and then a rollup by Nick Wayne after Wayne’s World For the win.

Winner via Pinfall Nick Wayne

Backstage: Hangman Adam Page says you have made a mistake in your painless life when you entered in my personal space and at Full Gear it will be a Texas Deathmatch, I take you to the abyss and to eternity and I will piss on your grave.

Tag Team Match
La Faccion Ingobernable – Rush and Dralistico Vs The Work Horseman – Anthony Henry and JD Drake

Dralistico and Henry start the match, takeover by Henry, roll through, tieras roll for a two count. Henry kicks Dralistico, roll in senton by JD Drake, chop to Dralistico by Drake, Dralistico escapes and RUSH is tagged in, Rush with chops to JD Drake, shotgun drop kick,, stomps on JD Drake, reversal, back and forth takedown, Henry sent to the outside, Rush sends Dralistico into JD Drake into the corner then Rush follows, then a kick to Drake, Rush with chops to Henry on the outside, Rush sends Henry into security wall. JD Drake sends RUSH into ring post then Dralistico into announce table.

Back from break RUSH with a take down and then a low kick, then Drake comes in and elevated drop kick, Rush goes for running move in corner but Henry pulls out Rush then runs at Dralistico, then a Side slam takedown but RUSH makes the save, Cannonball by JD Drake in the corner, then JD Drake misses a moonsault, German Suplex and Meteore of the top rope by Dralistico, Tope Conhero by Dralistico then a running jaw kick in the corner for the win.

Winners via Pinfall La Faccion Ingobernable – Rush and Dralistico

Backstage: House of Black say Brody King and Malakai Black are coming to challenge for AEW World Tag Team Championship, Julia Hart says I beat Willow Nightingale tonight and then I get a rematch at Full Gear for TBS Women’s Championship

Commercial break

Lexy Nair is with Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale and we are informed a women’s three way at Full Gear with either Willow Nightingale or Julia Hart and Red Velvet or Skye Blue.

Singles Match
Roderick Strong w/The Kingdom Vs Darius Martin

Tie up in the ring, arm drag takedown by Strong, rolling arm drag, then a drop kick by Martin to Strong, Darius Martin with a cross body of the top rope for a two count, Roddy lured Martin in the corner, then a back breaker by Roderick Strong, Strong with kicks to Martin, Strong with punches to Darius Martin in the corner, pickup by Strong, European uppercut, then Strong sent into ring post, tumble through move by Martin then met with a dropkick for a two count. jaw breaker by Darius, then hip check by Strong, Manhattan Drop, Enseguri by Martin to Roderick Strong, knife edge chop to Strong in the corner, Pelez kick in corner by Martin, Slide through rope then a kick to the neck, Sit Kick by Roderick Strong then Heartache Takedown for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Roderick Strong

After the Match: The Kingdom with a Weiner punch then a flying splash of the top rope, Action Andretti tries to make the save but it is too late.

Backstage: Tony Khan is with Bryan Danielson and Tony Khan announces he will be participating at AEW All In Wembley London 2024, Tony Khan announces Continental Classic starting in a few weeks with  final at AEW World’s End and the first participant is going to be “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.

Women’s Singles Match – Title Eliminator
Julia Hart Vs Willow Nightingale

Tie up and then Julia sends Willow into corner, then Willow runs at Julia Hart but Brody King pulls her out, then Brody distracts Willow till Julia comes back in and tries to take down Willow but Willow takes Hart down, Willow with a short cross body for a two count. Willow with a backreaker on Julia Hart but Julia escapes with a chop, then Willow with a side slam takedown, Willow arm hung on the top rope, then fight goes to the outside, Willow Nightingale with a vertical suplex on the outside.

Julia with kicks to Willow and then Julia choking Willow on the middle rope, Arm wrench by Julia Hart, arm takedown and slam into the mat by Julia Hart, knee drops to the arm of Willow Nightingale, Julia working on left arm of Willow. Willow arm wrapped in middle rope, Hartless wristlock by Julia Hart, Willow with a clothesline to Julia Hart, both women are down, both ladies up, hip attack by Willow, Willow with a pump kick to Julia Hart, powerbomb by Willow for a two count. Handspring into Lariat by Julia Hart on Willow Nightingale, Julia goes for Hartless Lock but Willow tries to reverse it, Willow with a splash, Willow goes to the outside, Julia does and King stands between them, and Willow goes for rolling bomb on outside but Willow hits the steps, Hart brings Willow back in the ring. Full Nelson Slam by Willow Nightingale for a two count. Willow goes for her Willow Bomb but Julia escapes and nails a lariat, Moonsault of the top rope by Julia Hart for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Julia Hart

Lexy Nair is with AEW World Tag Team Champions Big Bill and Ricky Starks and Lexy informs them that they will defend the titles at AEW Full Gear in a 4 Way – La Faccion Ingobernable – Rush and Dralistico Vs FTR Vs House of Black Vs Champions: Big Bill and “Absolute” Ricky Starks

Singles Match
Powerhouse Hobbs w/Don Callis Vs Tom Dunn

Paul Wight is on commentary, Hobbs in control of Dunn and then a powerslam for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Powerhouse Hobbs

After the match Don Callis says the Don Callis the Greatest Family in wrestling, greater than The Briscoes, Von Erichs, bigger than The Harts, we will be involved in the Dragon Street Fight on Dynamite, Jericho found the last friend after I deserted him and called the last person I can call Mr Paul Wight, Paul might have won the lottery but you got short changed in the brain department and give up joining Jericho in the Street Fight, Don Callis says we run things in here, I buried two giants in my career and tells Powerhouse Hobbs to smoke him, Hobbs breaks table and Wight says I am ready, then Callis backs Powerhouse Hobbs away.

Lexy Nair is with FTR and they say there next route to becoming 3 time tag team champions in AEW starts now.

Commercial break

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